About Us

Facts about us –

  1. We are a bunch of IT professionals just like the most of you.
  2. We wish to escape the mundane schedule of 9 to 6.
  3. We ain’t millionaires, but we now want to live off passive income online.
  4. Yes, we want to join the new rich. You too ? Check Career in Most Popular.



1.Sarcasm 60%

2.Humour 70%

3.Intellect ( lol ) 40%

4.Frustration 100%


But seriously, “Behind this mask there is more than just flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea… and ideas are bulletproof.”

And this is where this site gets its existence from, an idea. The idea is to furnish the young minds with everything popular globally on a single site, so that they know the world and can continue with their zeal and vigour on their well-chosen track. The idea is to polish the rusted minds with everything popular so that they can rejuvenate themselves with a fresh new energy and walk together with the youth of today. The idea is to assist you, to motivate you, to empower you, to guide you.  And of course, the idea is, not to continue with the cold boring porridge, but to try the chicken soup.  Beware, for we serve hot

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