Mumbai Monsoon – Things to do !

Mumbai Monsoon

You love Mumbai and the monsoon rain makes you fall in love with it, even more! The rain arrives in the city to unveil the gorgeous nature encapsulating it. There are certain clichéd rainy day things to do and places to visit but if you are ready to explore further, you will discover unique spots to make memories for life. Here’s a list of how you can enjoy Mumbai to the fullest and get lost under dark romantic skies this monsoon.

  • Soak yourself in splashing waves at Marine Drive.
marine drive during monsoon


Marine Drive sky


Waterproof your valuables before you set out to get drenched with water here. The rain coupled with high tide waves is an experience you’ll never forget. Keep safe distance from the edge for your own safety. Don’t bother taking selfies, live in the moment instead.

  • Sip on some hot chocolate at Carter’s, Bandra.


Catch up with some old friends in a cozy cafe and relive the days with soft pitter patter of raindrops in the background. Let hot chocolate make you warm and fuzzy inside before you step out into the windy rain.

  • Get mushy at Bandstand.
Monsoon at Bandstand


The rocky seaside isn’t the most comfortable of settings for a date, but the rains create a contrasting ambience. Spend some romantic moments with your loved one here if you manage to find yourself a good spot among the flock of lovestruck couples. Umbrellas to the rescue!

  • Hike to Kanheri Caves at Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Kanheri caves


With your group of friends, begin to walk amidst surrounding dense, green forests of SGNP. The last stretch is steeper than the initial road. Explore the many caves at Kanheri, splash in the small waterfalls and behold the majestic view!

  • Gorge on ‘bhutta’ at Worli Seaface.


Haji Ali


Take a lazy stroll along the posh seaface and simply munch get wet in the rain. Have some hot ‘bhutta’ with added masala and a streak of lemon. Yummy ! Don’t miss the splendid view of Haji Ali just a few minutes away.

  • Go for treks to nearby forts.
Karnala Fort


Don’t be a lazy bum! Put on your shoes and slide on a backpack. Join treks to forts around Mumbai this monsoon. Enjoy greenery to the fullest as you climb up a difficult path which is all worth once you are at the top. Karnala, Korigad, Lohagad are easy level treks, to name a few.

What else can you do?

  • Have hot ‘bhajjiyas’ and ‘pakodas’ and tea while you gossip with neighbours.
  • Rush to each and every mall for the ‘Monsoon Sale’ and get enormous discounts.
  • Turn up the radio and listen to old songs, beats traffic stress!
  • Go snail-hunting in your premises and discover new mushroom species.
  • Dance with kids on the street. Unleash the hidden bollywood in you.

Do your thing and keep adding to the list. A warm soul in a wet monsoon is all you need !

Garima Negi

'Carpe Diem' for life, IT engineer, Avid reader, Travel Enthusiast, I live to eat !

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Garima Negi

'Carpe Diem' for life, IT engineer, Avid reader, Travel Enthusiast, I live to eat !

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