The Most Popular Creepy Unsolved Mysteries in India


Here is an account of the top 6 creepy and unsolved mysteries in India. Now it’s up to you to Believe It or Not!’

1. The Aleya Ghost Lights – West Bengal


Credits: Google Images

The Aleya Ghost Lights are unexplained mysterious lights which occur over the marshes. These lights glow in the night and float above the marshland and lure travelers from a distance. People there believe that these are the souls of those fishermen who died accidentally. However, the creepiest thing is that if someone tries to go near it, they die. This mystery is still not solved.

2. The Mysterious Red Rain – Idukki, Kerala  


Credits: Google Images

Idukki a part of Kerala experiences an inexplicable phenomenon known as Red Rain. Red rain occurred in 2001 from July 25 to September 23. According to the locals, red rain occurred  in 1818 after which, this region was named as “The Red Region”. In Hinduism, it is believed that the Red rain is an act of Gods for punishing the sinners. Many scientists tried solving this mystery but they failed to do so. Till date, this mystery remains unexplained.

3. The Kongka La Pass UFO Base in The Himalayas, J&K


Credits: Google Images

Kongka la pass, located in The Himalayas, is a disputed border area between India and China. The place had recorded many UFO sightings in the past and has a series of underground constructs that people openly say that the UFOs have chosen this place as their operating base. All this is not happenstance, many a traveler believes that they have seen UFOs. Not only is this news being researched on by scientists, but also, in 2006, Google Earth baffled the world with  images of an area which looked very similar to a military base. Whatever it is that is out there, it is creepy and unexplained till date.  

4. The Bhoot Billi


Credits: Google Images

Ghost Cat or Bhoot Billi is a mysterious monster that was terrorizing most of the parts of Pune, Maharashtra. People said it was a weird creature, a hybrid of cat, dog and mongoose, who used to attack people in night.

5. The Reincarnation of Shanti Devi


Credits: Google Images

Shanti Devi was a normal girl born in Delhi in 1930. But when she turned 4, she started acting strange and was unhappy with her life as she believed that she belonged somewhere else and her name was Ludgi Devi in her past life where she had died giving birth to her child. She also gave specific details regarding her husband and family. Hundreds of researchers have tried their level best to disprove her reincarnation, but they have always failed.

6. The Magnetic Hill Of Ladakh


Credits: Google Images

In a particular region of Ladakh, there is a very creepy hill that is said to be magnetic. Yes, not your everyday magnets but powerful to the extent that it can pull cars. If you park your car on the road which leads to the top of the hill and leave it in neutral mode with the engine off, it will roll up the steep road, moving at the speed of up to 20-22 kilometers per hour. Travel guides call this unexplained natural phenomenon as supernatural. They have given it a name, ‘Himalayan wonder’, which is a popular attraction for the travelers of that area.

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