The Most Popular Cursed Objects That Actually Exist

Cursed Objects

Hey, looks like you haven’t had a nightmare in a while. So allow me the oppurtuniy to tell you something which will give you many sleepless nights! Most of us are attracted towards horror movies, ghost stories or scary stories, which gives us goosebumps, a feeling that we really love and enjoy. We always think that they are just stories or part of one’s imagination, so they never existed, but wait, what happens if they actually do exist?

Here are 6 cursed objects that actually exist:

1. The Dybbuk Box

Dybbuk Box


Dybbuk is an evil spirit. A Holocaust survivor, accidentally summoned the demon while using an Ouija board. He successfully trapped that evil spirit inside the wine cabinet. Kevin Mannis bought the box at an estate sale in 2001, and after buying it he immediately started having nightmares about an evil hag. But the strange thing was that, not only did he get evil nightmares but also his friends who used to stay with him. Kevin Mannis gave that strange box to his mother, who coincidentally suffered a stroke on the same day she received the box. The last owner of the box was Jason Haxton, who was the Director of the Museum of Osteopathic Medicine. Like others, Haxton also had nightmares but not only nightmares, his skin went on to develop a strange disease and he began coughing out blood. At that point, Haxton contacted his friends and sealed the box, and then hid it from the world.  No one knows where it is now. Thank you Mannis! You have saved many lives.

2. The Maori Warrior Mask

The Maori Warrior Mask

The Maori Warrior of New Zealand died long ago. They used to carve out masks and statues before heading for a battle. According to Maori beliefs, any man who died in a battle, would leave his soul behind in one of the masks. However, the strange thing was that, it was not hurting men but the women who were pregnant. On coming  close to the mask, they suffered unfortunate events and complications. Now, these masks are  kept in a museum in New Zealand, but are displayed with a warning that women who are pregnant should not go near the mask, for their own and their child’s safety.

3. James Dean’s Car


James Dean’s CarJames Dean’s Car-cursed

James Dean, the famous actor loved his 1955 Porsche Spyder. The car was so transparently evil, that Sir Alec Guinness, while meeting Dean for lunch, claimed that if you get in that car, you will die in it by next week. And Dean did die. But the curse didn’t stop there. After the accident, when mechanics tried to repair the evil car, it fell on one of them and crushed both his legs. The car’s new owner sold that car to two racers; one lost control, hit a tree and died, the other was injured when his car locked up and rolled over. The car was then donated to a safety exhibit but the first exhibit caught fire, and in the second exhibit, it fell on a student, breaking his hip. It even killed a truck driver who was transporting it. Since then, the car has  disappeared, which is probably for the best.

4. Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

Anna Baker’s Wedding Dress

In the mid-1800s, a young girl named Anna Baker, who came from a wealthy family, fell in love with a low-class iron worker. They planned a wedding, and she even bought a dress. When her father discovered their relationship, he proscribed the wedding. Since that day,  she refused to marry anyone and remained unmarried and angry  till her death in 1914. Since then, her dress is put in an air tight glass case in her bedroom, at the Baker Mansion. It is often observed moving  by itself. Some believe that it’s Anna’s spirit inhabiting the dress.   

5. Thomas Busby’s Stoop Chair

Thomas Busby’s Stoop Chair

This notorious chair once belonged to convicted murderer Thomas Busby. Before he was hanged for his crimes, his final request was to have a meal at his favorite local pub. After finishing his meal, he stood and proclaimed “May sudden death come to anyone who dares to sit on my chair.” Since then, a supposed 63 people, who sat on this chair, met  with untimely deaths. When a number of deaths became coincidental, the pub owner donated the chair to Thirsk Museum in UK in 1972. The chair is still there today, hung few meters off the ground so that no one tries to sit on this chair.

6. Annabelle The Doll

Annabelle The Doll

Annabelle the doll was originally discovered in an antique shop in 1970. After being purchased as a gift by a mother to her daughter, strange happenings began occurring. She noticed that, over time, the doll would appear in other rooms that she did not put it. In addition to that,  little notes began appearing in her apartment randomly and fresh droplets of blood would appear on the doll’s dress. When many such unexplained phenomena started occurring, she contacted psychic investigators, who determined that the doll was possessed by a demon. The doll was instantly given to investigators who put it in a glass cabinet where it remains to this day, in a museum in Connecticut. The sign on the glass, has a warning: “Positively do not open”.

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