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In the current cut throat competitions in the corporate world, learning foreign languages is vital so as to make your resume more valuable. Spending time on classes is going to be hard once you are done with graduation or post graduation. Since, everything is on the touch of your fingertips here are a few applications which will surely help you learn atleast one foreign language.

1. Duolingo

One of the best apps in the list, this app provides you with languages like English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Irish, Polish etc. It helps you practice speaking, reading, listening and writing the language. It also helps you understand the language with answering questions and completing lessons and hence developing your vocabulary. Plus it’s absolutely free, except the Internet usage of course.


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2. Memrise

This application helps you learn more than 100 foreign languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Danish etc. Easy lessons and practicing with games help you learn the language. This app also helps you communicate with the native speakers and learn the proper speaking skills from them. And this too is free!

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3. Busuu

This app helps you learn almost 11 important foreign languages with the help of their native speakers with a fully interactive course. It helps you develop new friendships through interaction and has effective lessons for speaking, pronunciation, grammer, writing with audio lessons. And this is free too, no internet required to operate the app.

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4. Learn 50 languages 

As the name suggests this app helps you learn 50 languages with almost over 100 lessons for each language. Even with no prior knowledge you will learn the language fluently with the help of audio lessons. It follows the Common European frameworks level A1 and A2 and is suitable for all.

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5. Learn languages

This app has almost 25 languages for you to learn from. Fun, immersive lessons teach you to speak, write and think in different languages. Learn Spanish, Chinese, French, German, English, Italian Japanese with fun lessons and speech recognition technology designed by professionals in language learning.

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