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The Most Popular Benefits of Chocolate

Gulp a mug of chocolate because it is actually good for you. Chocolates have both positive and negative effects yet people always exaggerate, “Say NO! to Chocolate”. Dark chocolate contains multitudinous nutritional values and...

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Perks of being single!

Even though everybody secretly loves being in a relationship,being single has its own fringe benefits. No feeling is comparable to being single and living life on your terms. After all,you can’t count on someone else...

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The Most Hilarious Honest Trailers ever

Are you still a believer in good-ol’ humor? Then these 4-5 minutes parody shorts might be just the thing to get your funny bones tingling. Honest Trailers, a brain child of the hugely popular...

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TMP Bollywood Singers of the Modern Era

Many of you may be big fans of Hollywood songs but admit it, there is always a Bollywood song that defines your mood. These sweet magics (named songs) come from extremely talented magicians (named singers)...

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Revamp Your Room in Style

Often, people splurge thousands on selecting the “oh so perfect” furniture and room decor but are yet not satisfied with the end result. This happens simply because that room does not have a “you”...

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Popular restaurants in GK-2

 Get ready these restaurants are paradise affair!! China Garden If you’re craving authentic Chinese food and are puzzled about where to go, look no further as this is indubitably the place for you! Whether...

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TMP Twitter Accounts followed in India!

Twitter has now quickly made its way to being one of the most used social networking sites. We bring you the most popular Twitter accounts in India. Take a look! • AMITABH BACHCHAN The...