Weird Social Media trends that Stormed the Internet!


Who doesn’t crave for a shot at popularity? But sometimes, one’s ‘claim to fame’ can go completely south and instead bring him utter humiliation, or worse- put his life at risk. Over the last 2 years, the internet has been flooded with some real creepy social media trends and challenges that will make you wonder how desperately bored and jobless people truly are. *Shudders* Here are some of the weirdest of them.

Disclaimer: This goes without saying that you shouldn’t try these at home or anywhere!

1. Kylie Jenner #LipChallenge

The buzz around the lip enhancement of American reality TV star Kylie Jenner triggered an intensely wacky and hazardous social media fad called the #LipChallenge, in which countless young girls and boys were seen sucking a shot glass to get perfectly shaped lips like Kylie. Eww, gross! But to their horror, most were left with a bruised and swollen pair of lips and a mind full of regret. *Whatever happened to people’s sanity*

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2. Bellybutton Challenge

Initiated in Chinese social media , a weird body challenge that went internationally viral was the #BellybuttonChallenge which involves wrapping one’s hand around one’s back and touch the bellybutton to reveal how thin his/her waistline is. This strange trend, had thousands of netizens posting selfies of them while attempting the stunt. Seriously, who even comes up with such freak things!

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3. The Fire Challenge

Another dumb internet challenge that blurred the line between “funny” and “horrifying” was the #FireChallenge in which people rubbed themselves with an inflammable liquid like alcohol and later set themselves ablaze, like literally on fire! *recoils in horror* While some lucky idiots got away with it, some had to put up with the ‘challenge fail’ and got inflicted with a second or third degree burn instead of more Twitter and Instagram followers.

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4. “Don’t Judge Me’ Challenge

The #Don’tJudgeMeChallenge is a fitting example of good intentions gone utterly wrong. The challenge encouraged people to deliberately make themselves “ugly” by applying heavy makeup, fake unibrows and painted pimples on their faces and then upload photos and videos of their transformation on various social media sites. *epic facepalm* The stunt, which was originally meant to be an act of protest against body shaming, proved to be more offensive as it further endorsed the notion of physical beauty.

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5. CD Glass Flip

The latest social media trend to grip the internet is the ‘CD glass flip’ or “CD flipping” that involves putting two CDs through the arms of your specs and flip your head so that the CDs pops right in the place of your glasses, resembling two huge minion eyes. Boredom is so overrated in this world! *Sigh*

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So these were some of the weirdest trends!


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