The Most Hilarious Honest Trailers ever


Are you still a believer in good-ol’ humor? Then these 4-5 minutes parody shorts might be just the thing to get your funny bones tingling. Honest Trailers, a brain child of the hugely popular YouTube Channel- Screen Junkies, are a series of short, satirical videos which sarcastically review acclaimed movies and TV shows on public demand and are released in a quirky trailer format. With over 5 million subscribers and 160 Honest Trailers released till date, Screen Junkies has proven that the power of sarcasm can never be diminished. So, we present to you our pick for the 5 most hilarious and popular Honest Trailers that you shouldn’t miss for the world. Brace yourself for an overdose of LOLs!


This epic Honest Trailer is a side-splitting take on the celebrated Harry Potter movie series. Within just 4 minutes, it succeeds to give us a tour of Hogwarts in the quirkiest way possible and makes us relive the magic all over again. The character jokes in this trailer is a real winner. Just watch this already, all ya Potterheads!
Views So Far: Over 15 million



If you’re a twihard, then you must remember what it felt like watching the first Twilight Movie. Loads of feels right? Well, now get prepared for an Honest Trailer that will offer you a completely different and comical restating of the original vampire fiction till your jaws hurt.
Views So Far: Over 12 million




From taking a dig at Khaleesi’s dragon obsession to Sean Bean’s onscreen death streak- this legen-wait for it-dary Game of Thrones Honest Trailer is 5 minutes of guaranteed laugh riot. So as you spend your days sulking over what to do with your life post GOT season 6 Finale, give this parody masterpiece a watch!
Views So Far: Over 31 million



The honest and witty retelling of the 2012 musical drama film, Les Misérables, is indisputably one of the best and funniest Honest Trailers released so far. The entire trailer has been sung in a humorous way, mimicking the exact narration style used in the original movie. This one’s a real comedy gold!
Views So Far: Over 7 million




If the movie adaptation of John Green’s international bestseller- The Fault in our Stars, made you weep like a baby, then it’s Honest Trailer will make you burst out in a humongous ‘Bwhahahaha’. Quite a paradox ain’t it? But a lovely one!

Views So Far: Over 7.5 million

Tell us about the films that you think should be made into Honest Trailers.


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