Celebrating Womanhood – The Most Popular

No matter into how many pieces you cut down a woman and try to break her down beyond repair, a real woman will fall part but rise again and rebuild herself to shine greater than she ever did.
The saying, behind every successful man there is a woman has become more than cliché. Hence could be replaced with, behind every successful woman there is herself! And there is certainly a woman at the beginning of all the great things. Here is the list of greatest Indian women of all time, they believed they could, so they did.

5. Lata Mangeshkar


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The only thing better than music is Lata Mangeshkar. She received three highest civilian awards of India namely, Padma Bhushan, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna. a few. She sang up to 25,000 songs in 20 Indian languages in 70+ years of her career. From decades Lata Mangeshkar has been inspiring modern India’s women to achieve what once they might have thought is impossible.

4. Kalpana Chawla


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Maybe only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly and the ones who truly live are the ones to truly dare. Kalpana Chawla shall always remain the “Aakhon ka tara” of every Indian mother. An immensely inspiring woman, I wouldn’t be wrong if I’d say in a millennium no woman shall be as brave as she was would I ?
It wasn’t easy for women back in those days to have the guts to fight everyone against her dream and reach out for the skies, she rubbished all that and proved she was one of a kind.

3. Rani Lakshmi Bai


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Rani Lakshmi Bai is the ultimate epitome of bravery. She showed the greatest spirit of women in an era where men chose slavery than to fight back, becoming one of the greatest freedom fighters of India and initializing the freedom struggle in 1857. She battled armies relentlessly with her son tied to her back.

2. Indira Gandhi


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Indira Gandhi, 3rd Prime Minister of India was often categorized as one of the most influential women on globe of her time. A woman who has always believed in hard work and told time and again in her speeches try not be in the category of those who take credit rather of those who work, there is much less competition. She is one of the most respected politicians India has ever seen. Even after her demise she rules the hearts of the poor and needy she served all her life.

1. Mother Teresa


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Although Mother Teresa’s nationality turned Indian in the year 1948, she had from always owned this country and its people and served tirelessly until her last breath. She believed in loving everyone she met and let no one come to her without leaving happier. Kind words might be short and easy to utter yet their echoes are endless. She was no ordinary gift of god to humanity, she was a miracle. This Nobel Prize awardee is the greatest woman to ever live on earth for she never tried to do great things but always tried to do small things with great love.

A Salute To The Greatest Of Women

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