Shower Gels – Most Popular Brands

Beautiful young woman washing her body under the streams of water
Beautiful young woman washing her body under the streams of water

Traditionally, people uses soap to wash themselves, but now Shower gels has taken their place and are becoming popular. Keeping our body clean and fresh is essential these days as ours is a polluted environment and our body exposes to so much dirt, dust everyday.So Shower gels are better option to cleanse your body.

Before talking about most popular shower gels, lets count some of the benefits of using Shower Gel:

  1. Hygienic: As they are stored in a container and away from direct contact
  2. Gels don’t dry the skin
  3. They have rich lather which can make you have luxurious bath
  4. Their refreshing fragrance will give you a fresh start of the day
  5. Shower gels have long shelf life
  6. Shower gels make skin supple, sometimes soap can be harsh on your skin
  7. Shower gels are easy to store
  8. Shower gels are milder than soap but are more effective
  9. Organic shower gels contains disinfectant which is necessary for skin protection
  10. Shower gels improves texture of skin by making them soft and smooth

Some of the most popular Shower Gels are:

  1. L’Occitane:                                                             LOccitane

L’OCCITANE offers a variety of personal care products, including face, body and hair care as well as fragrances. The first L’OCCITANE store opened in 1981. The packaging are very classy and stylish. If one loves sugary lemon cents then you would love their Verbena range. Use their products once and you will be in love with L’Occitane. L’occitane Roses 4 Rennes Bath and Shower Gel has amazing fragrance of roses, you will actually feel as if you are sitting amidst hundreds of roses.


2. CK Euphoria:                                                        CK-Euphoria

The best part of this shower gel is its Fragrance…..Fragrance and Fragrance. One or two drops of this shower gel is enough for your entire body. No doubt they are pricey but yes they are worth it. Imagine your favorite fragrance in your shower gel.

Calvin Klein Eternity Shower Gel for Woman: Costs around Rs.1275, this shower gel smoother your skin with a floral scent.

Calvin Klein Reveal Women Shower Gel: Costs around Rs.1086

Calvin Klein Obsession Shower Gel: Costs around Rs. 700, this shower gel comes with vanilla and lowering notes of sandalwood.



3. Lush:                                                                              Lush

The fascinating part about their products is that they are all HANDMADE and skin friendly. They make them by hand in small batches with herb, flower and fruit infusions, essential oils and just the right amount of cleansing stuff to get the dirt off.

Their Twilight Bath Bomb has delicious lavender scent in it. It is bit pricey Rs. 1876 approx.

Lush The Comforter Shower Gel: Cost: Rs. 1231. It’s not just a shower gel, it’s a cuddle in a bottle. Lather it up to feel a warm hug of berries.

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel: Costs Rs. 646. This shower gel is made with vanilla pod infusion, goji berry juice and nourishing argon oil, Rose Jam makes your skin soft, hydrated and a girly sweet rose secnt. It lather up very well, that means less amount of product is enough for one bath.

Lush Ponce Shower Gel: Costs Rs. 1031. It has a citrus scent, so girls who like citrus smell will love it. This shower gel is a mixture of orange juice and tequilla which uplifts your mood and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and gorgeous. Because its made of freshly squeezed oranges, plum with a right shot of tequilla its major fragrance is citrus.

Lush Grass Shower Gel: Costs Rs. 647 for smallest bottle. This shower gel has a ninja fragrance and made up with antioxidants wheatgrass juice and citrus oil. Lather it up to feel as you are wandering in a freshly cut meadows. Wheatgrass which is its main component contains enzymes, minerals and vitamins to make skin healthy, fresh and nourished.

Lush Tramp Shower Gel: It smells like a forest. This shower gel has a herb White Horehound Infusion which is known for its calming and spirit lifting properties. Tramp is made to evoke the atmosphere of forest.

Lush Snowcake Shower Gel: This shower gel is ultimately creamy and soft. It has almond and vanilla fragrance in it.

4. The Body Shop:                                             Body Shop

Their shower gel range is awesome..just awesome. Best part about their shower gels and body butters are their fragrance.

The Body Shop Strawberry Shower Gel: It has a sweet strawberry fragrance. After bath, it leaves skin soft and smooth.

The Body Shop Morninga Shower Gel: It has a delicate floral scent like jasmine.

The Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel: Satsuma has fresh fruity fragrance. It is sufficiently moisturizing for summers. Its fruity smell awakens you in the morning.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Shower Gel: Made up of tea tree oil essentially antibacterial in nature which prevents acne. People who have the complaint of back acne should give it a try. It’s really effective.

The Body Shop Olive Shower Gel: It has organic olive oil that conditions your skin. Its herbal, natural smelling and fresh.  



6. H2O+                                                                H2O+

Although H2O+ is yet not much popular in Indian market. You will not find their stores easily, but their products are good.

H2O Raspberry Guava Shower Gel: Smells really fresh and fruity. The jojoba beads in this shower gel makes skin smooth.

H2O Natural Spring Shower Gel: It is a fresh, foaming body wash that takes away impurities from your skin. Also contains aloe vera and vitamin E that helps in cellular renewal, softens skin and improve elasticity of skin.

H20 Milk Shower Gel: Milky, cleanses skin very well. It has a mild milk powder fragrance. Leaves your skin soft and smooth after use.

H2O Sparkling Currant Shower Gel: It has an amazing fragrance of black currant. This shower gel is very hydrating. Contains Vitamin E capsules that nourishes the skin.


6. Avon:                                                                      Avon

Avon is a known brand for cosmetic. They are doing  well with shower gels also

Avon Red Rose and Peach Shower Gel: The product claims to maintain the natural moisture of skin. This shower gel is ideal for dry, natural and oily skin too. The fragrance is mild but lasting.

Avon Little Black Dress Shower Gel: The skin feels cleansed and softly scented with its floriental fragrance . It will give your bath a spa-like feel.

Avon Naturals Shower Gel: For the fans of vanilla  fragrance, this can do the right job for them. It has vanilla scent in it which lingers on.



7. Pears:                                                                            Pears

The Shower gel is as good as soap, with same fragrance. It comes in a cute and attractive packaging. They are soap free contains Glycerin to condition the skin and it gives a soft feel to skin. Its fragrance is very pleasant and it lingers on after shower also. Pears is known for their pH neutral products, so it’s definitely not gonna be harsh on your skin. Effectively skin friendly.



8. Dove Shower Gels:                                                                              Dove

We all know that Dove soaps are designed for their moisturizing properties. They claim to have one-fourth milk in it. We have also seen their advertisement of body wash in which they have proved their Body Wash better than milk. No doubt, the body wash is so creamy in texture and skin feels amazingly soft after use. It also makes your skin glowing.

Dove Gentle Exfoliating: Contains micro beads in it which gently scrubs your skin to remove dead cells.

Dove Fresh Moisture: It contains goodness of cucumber ideal for summers. It gives a cooling effect to your skin.


9. Palmolive:                                                             PAlmolive_shower gels

They come in cute transparent packaging with colorful gels inside it. Not all their products smells good and refreshing.

Palmolive Thermal spa: It contains coconut mil and has a coconut kind of fragrance. It is made of crushed coconut with jojoba butter extracts.

Palmolive Aroma: It smells really nice and the fragrance stays on for few hours. It has small scrub particles in it which is not harsh on skin.

Palmolive Aroma Sensual: It has a mild fragrance of rose, although it doesn’t last for long. The color of gel is light pink. Consistency of gel is thin and runny a bit.

Palmolive Ayurituel Joyous Shower Gel: The color of gel is really attractive. Its pinkish purple in color. This shower gel is inspired by ancient Ayurvedic tradition. It is made with Indian mulberry and lotus extracts. It gives a soothing and refreshing bathing experience.



10. Lux Shower Gels:                                                                                    Lux_Shower Gels

Lux has a wide range of body washes. They are really affordable.

Lux Velvet Touch Body Wash: They claim that velvet touch body wash is enriched with Silk Essence with jasmine and almond oil which provides moisture to skin.  Deeply cleans the dirt and oil from skin. The gel is thick in consistency, creates enough lather. Skin looks clean and bright after use.

Lux Glowing Touch Shower Gel: It is made of shea butter. It has a rich creamy texture also has a subtle fragrance which is soothing.


How to take a shower Gel -> Youtube

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