Lip Balms- Most Popular Brands

lip balm

Lip Balms are necessary to keep your lips moisturized and nourished during dry or cold weather. There are different types of lip balms available in market like lip balms with natural ingredient, with SPF to protect your lips from UV rays, with special formula to heel chapped lips.


Here are some of the Lip Balms which can best suit your lips:

  1. Clinique:                                                                             clinique

Clinique is the first dermatologist-tested cosmetics brand. Their products are allergy tested, fragrance free, and bring visible results. Its not just a lip balm, its a lip treatment. Apply it at night to heel your lips and wake up with soft, smooth and nourished lips next morning.  It is specially designed to treat distressed lips and replenish moisture loss.



2. L’Occitane:                                                         loccitane

L’Occitane is named for an ancient province that used to be in the south of France. Main ingredient of this lip balm is Shea Butter, Carnauba wax, Beeswax and Castor oil-plant oil to nourish, soften, replenish and protects lips.



3. EOS:                                                               eos

EOS is Evolution Of Smooth. Their products are made to make lips smooth, made with anti-oxidants adn Vitamin E. They are packed in cute spheres with beautiful and attractive colors and different flavours like mint, pomegranate and raspberry, summer fruit, strawberry, blueberry. They are 100% organic, contains soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, paraben and petrolatum free.


4. Maybelline:                                                  baby lips

Baby lips are the most popular lip balm among girls of every age. Suits best for school going girls, college going girls and even for office wear. Their exclusive formula moisturizes lips for 8 hours and renew lips within 1 week. There are so many variants to choose from according to the need. Their lip balm contains SPF 15 to protect lips from harmful UV rays. Their Spiced up range are pigmented rest all have no pigment but they provide enough moisturization.



5. Avon:                                                                 avon

Avon lip balms have aloe as main ingredient in them which gives soothing effect to dry lips. Their variants are Strawberry, Cherry, Aloe, Peach, Lemon, Green Tea, honey. They are light weighted, easy to apply and glides smoothly on lips. They have a glossy shine and color pigmentation(only in strawberry and cherry). They lack in SPF.


6. Lakme:                                                                        lakme

Lakme lip love lip balm comes in different variants with luxurious creamy core to give right moisture to lips with a hint of pigment. This lip balm also contains SPF 15 protection, easily applicable, non-sticky, feels light on lips, gives a sheer coverage to lips. It comes in a form of stick with buttery soft texture, ideal for school and college going girls.



7. Oriflame:                                                                  oriflamee

The main ingredients of this lip balm are mineral oil, beeswax-to soften lips and lanolin. It has a very smooth and soft texture. Its a multipurpose balm, one can use it as lip balm, can be used to treat irritated skin, on hands. Being in a small pot, it is somewhat unhygienic to apply with fingers.  Oriflame Beauty Lip Balm comes in a stick, which is easy to apply and gives smooth and glossy lips.



8. Elle 18:                                                               Elle18

They are juicy lip balms which imparts perfect gloss and hint of color to lips. Their main ingredients are Olive oil, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. It protects, nourishes and also moisturizes as it has SPF 15 in it.



9. Himalaya:                                                                   himalaya

Himalaya lip balms are made up of natural ingredients which relieves chapped lips. Enriched with Wheatgerm oil, Castor, oil, coconut oil, carrot seeds extracts. Carrot is antioxidant in natural and have Vitamin A which is necessary for growth of tissues. Coconut oil for softening lips, castor oil treats sunburn, dry lips.



10. Nivea:                                                                              nivea

Nivea lip balms repair lips, gives right color and gloss to lips with sweet fruity fragrance in it. They provide long lasting care and protection. The lip balm has nice creamy texture. It keeps lips hydrated for hours without making it dry. Contains shea butter and jojoba oil. A good product for dry lips.

11. Vaseline:                                                                 vaseline

Vaseline products are known for their heeling power for skin. Their lip balms instantly soften dry lips and locks the moisture for hours. Comes in 4 variants Aloe vera, Rose, Cocoa butter, Normal. Ingredients are Aloe vera, Cucumber extracts, Vitamin A&E, Petroleum jelly to prevent moisture loss. They are ideal for night usage and one can see clear difference in chapped lips. Makes lips smooth and supple overnight.

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