Most Popular Insurance Companies in the world

rubber stamp with inscription INSURANCE
rubber stamp with inscription INSURANCE

Insurance – Everyone is prone to risks: risk of accident, falling ill, the risk of becoming a victim of a natural disaster and above all the risk of life. Along with the pain you have to suffer financially too. So Insurance is a way which takes care of your pain and helps in overcoming the risk as far as finances are concerned.

There are various coverage provider companies which can be categorized on the basis of market capitalization, premium collections, revenue, associated profits. Here is a list of the Insurance companies which generate the largest revenue across the globe:


Berkshire Hathaway Insurance:


It is one of the largest American based multinational Investment Companies which was established in 1889. Its headquarters are located in Omaha, United States and Nebraska. It has approximately 302,000 employees. It provides insurance in various sectors like manufacturing, finance, rail transportation etc. It provides appealing public and private term plans, which easily attracts the customers to invest their money.  Claim procedure is also very easy when compared to other companies.


China Life Insurance:


China life is a renowned institutional investor as well as a State-owned Insurance Company.  It was originated in 1949 and previously known as PICC (People’s Insurance Company of China). In 2003, it was reconstructed with the opening of various subsidiaries. It has expanded its business from life insurance to pension plans, property and overseas businesses. It has reached to the top in terms of capitalization across the world.

Zurich Insurance Group:


It was established in 1872 in Switzerland.  It is a global Insurance Company, which has expanded its business across 170 different countries. It is well-known in the field of farmer’s, general and global life insurances. It basically worked on providing coverage for small or wide businesses. It has around $ 4.7 billion turnover in the last year.




AXA is a brand name which has around 102 million customers in 56 countries. It mainly focuses on life , asset management, casualty insurances etc. While the time it was established, several companies merged together to form AXA. Its headquarter is in Paris. It has expanded its business widely in America and China. Total profit in the last financial year was around $91 billion.


Prudential PLC:


Prudential PLC is one of the brands which have established its name in financial and insurance services. It was founded in 1848 in the United Kingdom. It is a global provider of pension & life. It has approx 22,308 employees.

Munich Re Group:

The company was established in 1880 whose primary focus is Europe and Asia. Its subsidiary ERGO Company provides a wide range of Insurances and services. It’s one of another arm of this is Munich Health which emphasize mainly on risk management and the field of health. It also operates in casualty-property , marine coverage etc.


Allianz SE:


Allianz SE was founded in 1890. It is a leading market for providing financial services and insurance. It has expanded its business in more than 70 countries. It also provides products for individual or corporate customer. It generates revenue of approx 110.8 million over the whole year.

Reference:- Axa , Allianz.


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