Most visible signs to judge the shyness of your girl



i love u

If a girl is shy, she will never utter “I love you” to anyone not even her parents or siblings. These seem to be the most difficult words that won’t be there in her dictionary. This doesn’t mean she is devoid of feelings, but she will never express in front of anyone.

 A simple hug can make her uncomfortable. If you are dating a shy girl, then you have to be careful because a hug can make her feel awkward. She might not have allowed her mother to hug her. This is the level of her awkwardness.


 People sometimes named shy girls as stone hearted because these types of people won’t laugh or cry in front of anyone neither their friends nor their family. You will never see them laughing their hearts and bursting out.

Shy girls will never spell out a word. They are very good at controlling their emotions and feelings. Sometimes people get irritated, but they will the remain same. People usually confuse their shyness with arrogance and get upset.

Sometimes people want these types of girls to speak and open up. But they won’t. They would turn your mind to somewhere else or they will come up with a good excuse to end up this topic. In group discussion, too, they will come up with just a single word “I agree” even if they have some opinion regarding that matter.


 If you have any friend who is shy, then please don’t expect them to console you. They are very bad at consoling. They won’t be able to speak anything and make you feel better, but yeah, they will be there till the end.

Shy girls can remain alone and enjoy their own company. They feel very comfortable when they are all alone as nobody is there to irritate them and they can remain quiet for long period of time.


 If fortunately these girls fall in love, then the guy who is opposite to them must feel lucky enough. Their way of love is unconditional. They won’t express much, but prove that love with their actions. They will never ditch you and stand by your side in your tough times.

Shy girls don’t like to come in the spotlights. They will never take the credits even if they have worked hard. They are afraid of facing the crowd and always avoids such situations. They love to work with the back end and present some other person as a front end if possible.


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