To live in a world of lies, is an act of courage and stupidity at the same time. And to enlighten the world with truth is an act of social responsibility and an honest work of art at the same time.
Grandmas have become synonymous with great preachers and being “andhvishwaasi” at the same time. With all due respect, the past generation has successfully sown the seeds of diverse myths. However, science has proved many of such assumed facts to be just myths and is yet to prove many others, some of the most popular and the most widely believed myths are…

  • Cracking knuckles


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Dr. Donald Unger spent some of his jobless time, in the evenings for 60 years to prove this myth wrong, he cracked the knuckles of only one of his hands every day and not the other. After 60 years both his hands are very much the same, no arthritis or any other ailment was what so ever was found. For which he was honoured with the Nobel Prize in medicine in the year 2009. Yes! Go on cracking ‘em, no shit ain’t gonna happen.

  • Birds abandon their babies if they smell of humans.


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If this was told to a Hindi television series director, he’d run a 100 episodes giving speeches on “maa toh mamta ki moorat hai”. NO! Birds do not abandon their babies, it doesn’t even make any sense, since birds have a very poor sense of smell. They cannot distinguish between their own smell and yours, now go help those poor little birds without hesitation! However vultures have a very impressive sense of smell, they could sniff dead animals for lunch…Well, you wouldn’t wish to mess with a vulture would you?

  • Shaving thickens hair


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God knows why this myth simply won’t die! For generations it has been believed that when shaved, hair grows twice as thicker than before and the rate of growth of hair is also accelerated. As early as 1928 science proved this wrong. Shaving results in cutting the hair at a blunt angle removing the tapered part and the regrown hair lags the naturally tapering end of the hair making it appear coarser and thicker. Now say no-no to this myth and yes-yes to wax.

  • Tongue has different portions to sense different tastes


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Now you can say your schooling was done wrong! They taught us that the tongue has different sections to sense different tastes such as sour, bitter, sweet etc. The fact is, all parts of the tongue can sense all the tastes, now don’t you try to taste something bitter with a part you believed could sense only sweet, hoping you won’t feel the bitterness.

You tried? See! Told ya!

  • China wall


Credits: Google Images

NO! The Great Wall of China however great might it be, is NOT visible from the space. It is barely visible from the lower earth orbit. However there are certain things that are visible from the space which include the Pyramids of Giza, Green house of Almeria, cities at nights. Now don’t you dare circulate this myth any further.


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