The Most Popular Signs to Indicate That You’re a Certified Grammar Nazi!


Do you break into a cold sweat when you see people confidently mistaking “too” for “to”? Do you curse yourself when you don’t remember the intended synonym for a word? Do you feel an incessant urge to stop someone mid conversation just to correct his/her Grammar? If yes, then the chances are you’re an obsessive Grammar addict for whom nothing is more sacred than the Divine Doctrines of Grammar. We get you, okay! So here are the most obvious signs that make you a certified Grammar Nazi. *Hail Spellcheck*

1) You mentally correct other people’s grammar

You’re basically the human form of autocorrect. The moment someone gets his grammar wrong, you can’t help but silently correct him in your head. It’s like you’re morally obliged to do so, ain’t it?

grammar nazi

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2) You cringe at the sight of grammatically incorrect posts on Social Media

One of the daily struggles you face as a Grammar Nazi is to endure the flood of grammatically incorrect posts and misspelled sentences the moment you log in to social media platforms. A typo or a wrong verb in a status makes you more terrified than a GOT spoiler. (Guilty as charged!)

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3) Your biggest turn off is people who can’t differentiate between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’

You feel an instinctive repulsion for someone who confuses ‘your’ with ‘you’re’ or ‘their’ with ‘there’. The fact that people can get their grammar wrong even with autocorrect on is beyond you. *Totally Judging*

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4) You vehemently proofread your own texts and statuses before hitting the send button- How often are you accused of taking ages to send a text? Almost always, right? Because it’s in your system to obsessively check and recheck your texts and writings for any grammatical error before you hit send. At times, you might have even imagined yourself as a professional proofreader.

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5) You freak out whenever you accidentally get a tense or preposition wrong

Even after all the meticulous checking, when you mistakenly send a typo or mess up a tense, you feel like your whole world is crashing down. Ah, nightmares! You don’t rest till you have rectified the mistake.

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6) Nothing makes you happier than the company of a fellow Grammar Nazi

When the increasing rate of grammatical errors leaves you disillusioned, you may find a fellow Grammar Nazi who restores your faith in humanity. You feel an overwhelming joy when you two get together and bitch about the grammar offenders.

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Long Live Grammar Nazism!

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