Author: Shreya

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Most Iconic Monsoon Songs of Bollywood

  The season which inevitably brings out the hopeless romantic in you is officially here and there couldn’t be a better time to delve into its splendor. In India, you just cannot imagine a...

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The Most Hilarious Honest Trailers ever

Are you still a believer in good-ol’ humor? Then these 4-5 minutes parody shorts might be just the thing to get your funny bones tingling. Honest Trailers, a brain child of the hugely popular...

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TMP Fantasy Novels

“READING IS DREAMING WITH OPEN EYES. “- YoYo Mad about books? Well nothing like the long endless months of summer vacations to catch up on your reading. The wait ends here for die hard...

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Best Romantic Comedy Novels

Penned down best of romantic comedy novels of all time! Like romance but not the accompanying melodrama? A light-hearted rom-com is exactly what you need. Here’s a list of recommendations happy- go- lucky stories...