TMP Prized Possessions of a Quintessential Bengali!


From all things political to gastronomical- we Bengalis always have a say in it. We are the people who artistically work their way into insanely crowded buses, conduct daily bargaining sessions with the vegetable vendor, hyperventilate over Durga Puja 6 months prior to it and can’t make it through a day without frowning over the weather of Kolkata. But the mark of a true quintessential Bengali person is known by his/her most cherished possessions and attachments that no force of the world can meddle with. Let’s take a good look on some of them.

1) A cup of smoking-hot Tea

What Popeye had for spinach, the Bengalis have for tea. From gossips of the neighborhood to the mysteries of the Universe- A Bengali opens up on almost about everything over a ‘bhaar of cha’ (Tea served in clay cups).

Point. 1

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2) The Morning Newspaper

A day in a typical Bengali household begins with the paperboy dropping the newspapers on the doormat early morning. Even with all the news apps and e-papers, a Bengali finds it very difficult to enjoy his morning tea without scrolling through the headlines on his favorite newspaper.


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3) Fish Fetish

They may enthusiastically gorge over a cheeseburger or a bowl of Caesar salad, but a true-born Bengali would trade his soul for his love of fish. Be it Ilish (Hilsa), Chingri (prawn), or Bhetki- he melts at the sight of all of ‘em.


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4) Rabindra Sangeet

You know you’re going through the playlist of a Bengali when you find Lenon, Adele, Coldplay and Rabindranath Tagore, all stacked in one. Despite their diverse taste in music, all Bengalis have their own set of favorite Rabindra Sangeet (songs of Tagore) for every mood.


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5) A generous helping of ‘misti’ 

For every ‘khanti Bangali’ (true Bengali), misti or sweets is his ultimate Achilles Heel. There’s nothing that a Bengali feels more possessive about than a handi of rosogolla that he is always ready to guard with his life.


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6) A copy of the Durga Puja Edition of ‘Anandamela’ Magazine

There is hardly a Bengali whose heart doesn’t skip a beat when he receives his first copy of ‘Anandamela Pujobarshiki’ (Durga Puja Edition). Every year, this Puja special magazine heralds the official countdown of Durga Puja as the city gets draped in festivity.

Point. 6

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Well, that will be it for now. Tell us the about the possessions that you hold most dear!

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