The Most Popular Basic Dining Etiquette You Should Know!


It’s very important to know some basic dining etiquette for an obvious reason- nobody wants to go out with somebody who eats like an animal. But Indians, as we know, are not very good when it comes to table manners. Whether it’s a date or a social gathering,table manners are very crucial in scoring you a point in a social setting.
So the next time you’re out for a formal dinner,bear these in mind.

  • When you’re ready to order,do not yell for the waiter! Be patient and wait for someone to approach you.The waiters are trained to approach you a few minutes after you read the menu. In case they don’t show up,slightly raise your hand up in order to call for a waiter.

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  • Make sure to hold the knife in your right hand and fork in the left.Cut your meal into bite size pieces,grab them with a fork and then proceed to eat. Avoid clanking cutlery with the plate.

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  • If the dish that you want is placed away from you,ask the person seated next to you to hand it over. Avoid getting up during the meal in order fetch your dish unless it’s a buffet.Also,don’t forget the magic

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  • Do others a favour and always chew with your mouth closed. Chew your food slowly and eat in moderation.Try to be quiet when you sip your soup,nobody wants to hear your loud slurp.

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  • Try to talk soft and do not disturb your neighbouring table. You can have a party but try not to disturb anybody who’s sitting next to you. Nobody likes a noisy restaurant!Accidents do happen so if you happen to spill something,always say sorry. It’s not a big deal. Keep your calm and be kind to your waiter,he’s a human being too. And if the service was good,don’t forget to tip!

Here’s some cutlery language for you!


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Happy dining!


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