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The Complete Protein – QUINOA

Quinoa, pronounced as keen-wah, is a species of goosefoot genus and is a pseudo-cereal. Its importance for the Inca Empire has given it the title of ‘Mother of all grains’. These are small, bean...

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Food-maniacs check out these outlets!!!!

All the food-maniacs out there, it’s time to loosen your pockets and checkout what’s on the list. Delhi is widely crowd-pleasing by its quality of bestowing upon us its distinct variety of food and...

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Eat healthy, be wealthy!

The vegetables that we consume on a daily basis has so much nutritional value. Often, this goes unnoticed. Here are some vegetables that will ensure you stay hail and healthy! • Eggplant/Brinjal :- The...

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The Most Popular Indian Wedding Quirks

Let’s admit it, we Indians love our wedding culture. A coming family wedding signals the onset of humongous amounts of shopping (Yay!), trips to the salon and making of frantic plans, that are cancelled and...

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When in Ahmedabad, be like Ahmedavadi

  What’s Famous; Ahmedabad?? The soaring temperatures in summers cannot be a hindrance to feel the liveliness of the rich and beautiful culture of Ahmedabad, one of the most delightful city of Aapnu Gujarat....