Bizarre Food Delicacies From Around The World

BIzarre Food

The world is witness to innumerable cultures and food comprises a major part of  that. Different cultures have different tastes. At times, those ‘tastes’ are mouth-watering and unique, but sometimes they are so bizarre, that they make you have second thoughts before eating them. So here are top 10 bizarre delicacies around the world:

1. Akutaq (Eskimo Ice Cream) – Alaska.
The thought of ice cream makes you imagine a frosty sweet delicacy but the Akutaq comprises of reindeer fat, seal oil, freshly fallen snow and well ground fish. Now that’s a flavour not many would try!


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2. Bird Nest’s soup- Southeast Asia.

Unlike the name of the dish, this soup is actually made up of bird’s dried and hardened saliva. So much for comfort food.

3. Fruit bat soup – Guam, Micronesia and Africa.

Fruit bat (yes, an actual bat), is prepared by boiling it with ginger and onion, served just as any other soup. How’s that for a gamey taste? Scientists have often claimed that Africa’s version of fruit bat soup has been the origination of Ebola.

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4. Tong Zi Dan (Virgin Boy eggs) – Dongyang, China.

This is actually as bizarre as it could get. The eggs used in this dish are boiled in the urine of boys, usually under the age of 10. So much for ‘freshness’.

5. Raw blood soup –Vietnam.

You might have to visit the loo after reading this. This Vietnamese delicacy comprises of the fresh blood of goose, duck and pig blood. The blood is stored in the refrigerator for a long time, after which it is served directly with garnishing. Wannabe sparkling vampires, I’m looking at you!
6. Balut- Philippines.
A festive delicacy in the land of Philippines, Balut comprises of a developing duck embryo, which is boiled whilst it’s alive and is served in its shell.

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7. Baby mice wine- China and Korea.

Yes, as the name suggests, they have literal dead mice babies trapped in a bottle and stored. The so-called wine extracted from it tastes like gasoline, but is still a delicacy in the countries.

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8. Sannakji- Korea

The opposite of its name, Sannakji is a dish that mainly comprises of octopus, which are chopped to small bits and eaten with sauce. And that too, whilst they are alive! You might feel a tickling sensation, but after the next bite, it’s all gone.

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9. Soup Number Five- Philippines.

The name of this dish is a very ordinary one—perhaps a nice sweet corn delight, right? Wrong. This soup consists of bull’s penis and testicals, mixed together and presented in a form of soup broth. So the next time you order something at Philippines, make sure you are not eating someone’s genitals!

10. Cobra Heart- Vietnam

Yes, that is a delicacy too. And the most bizarre one. Cobra heart is a Vietnamese dish that comprises of cobra blood and venom cultured and mixed with some rice wine. Make sure to never leave a drop of it. It’s a delicacy after all.

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