Most popular Indian TV shows of the 90’s!


Before technology took the front seat in our lives, we had these… If you are a late 80s or 90’s born kid growing up in an Indian household, then you must remember those iconic Indian Television shows that ruled your weekends and evenings after a tiring day at school. Those were the days when terms like “fandom” “bingewatching” and “Netflix” weren’t a part of our vocabulary and yet we watched and loved these shows fanatically. Take a trip with us down memory lane as we give you a list of such shows. And yes, brace yourself for an overdose of nostalgia!

1. Mahabharat

Producer B.R Chopra’s ambitious TV adaptation of the epic, Mahabharat, symbolized the good-ol’ run of Doordarshan before Satellite Television barged in India. Hailed as the most popular Indian TV series in history, Mahabharat was a staple watch for most of us on every Sunday morning. The lavish sets, costumes and fight sequences even made mythology fun.

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2. Jungle Book

The Jungle Book that we Indians remember from our childhood wasn’t a big budget Hollywood 3D film. It was a Hindi dubbed adaptation of the Japanese animated show that introduced us to the amazing adventures of Mowgli on the small screen. Admit it, even till today, you get a lump in the throat each time you listen to “Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai”!


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3. Shaktimaan

Sure he didn’t belong to the DC or Marvel universe but Shaktimaan won our hearts as one of the earliest and most badass Indian superheroes. All his cool spins and life-saving acts on the show had every 90’s Indian kid on the edge of his seat. You probably had tried his moves a million times in front of the mirror or badgered your parents to buy you the Shaktimaan outfit when you were little. Ain’t it so?


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4. Shaka Laka Boom Boom

Shaka Laka Boom Boom was another such Indian TV program for kids which successfully combined fantasy and reality in an appetizing mix. Recall the time when Sanju and the wonders of his magic pencil held us under a different spell altogether. Why don’t they make such shows anymore! *Sigh*

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5. Son Pari

Focused on the life of a little girl named Fruity and her magical encounter with the benevolent angel, Son Pari, this fantasy TV series touched the peak of popularity in the early 2000s. The adventures of Fruity and her fight against the forces of the he dark world with the help of Son Pari had the Indian kids and teens of that time glued to the TV sets.

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We are already ugly crying listing all these shows!

Which of these shows was your favorite?

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