Indian relatives are a genus of beings who are quite capable of throwing absolutely random questions at you, be it at any point of time. We have all faced those situations when we are busy hogging food at a family function and suddenly, out of nowhere, appears a lady laden with jewellery or a pot bellied middle aged man with a mischievous smile playing on their face. And then starts the massive round of questions as if we are at a lottery winning competition. The level of inquisitiveness in our lovely Indian relatives is beyond anyone’s understanding for life. Here are some of the most popular one liners by Indian relatives:

Exams ho gaye?”


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This is one of the many favourites they have. No matter what time of the year you meet them, they will not forget to ask you about your exams. How about sending them our academic calendars at the start of the session?

Kitne bade ho gaye ho!”

indian relatives

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Teamed up with their genuinely surprised expressions, this one sounds really hilarious. It’s funny how our relatives doubt our growth capacity over the years and expect to see our parents carry the same small 5 year old us in their arms even if we meet 10 years after our 5th birthday! Don’t they?

“Aage kya karna hai?”


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This question is reserved for a special age group. If you are in 10th class or better, in 12th; this question is going to be thrown at you, every time you meet. Not just high school though, this question follows you till half past eternity and if you think it has stopped, you will find out that you yourself have started asking such questions!

Oh also, your answer to this question will never satisfy them.

*Some thoughtful advice*

indian relatives

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Indian relatives care for you so much more than your actual parents do. They will make sure that they offer you their sour and tasteless advice coated with sweet fake concerns, on almost everything occasion and imaginable topic. Be it anything from your career (“Appear for the civil service exam, WITHOUT FAIL!”) to the food that you’ve laden your plates with, at a function (“Why are you having puris? Have biryani!”).

Pehchaana mujhe?”


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This question is almost always the opening line of their ensuing conversation.  You are in a function or a gathering where you are lost in a sea of unknown faces, and suddenly, out of the blue appears a relative with the question, “Pehchaana mujhe?”  We don’t remember what we did the last weekend while we were busy drunk. How do you expect us to remember who you are after so many years?

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