To Each Corner and Curve

to each corner

Credits : Google Images


I want my veins to become a metaphor,

for the roadways and routes in maps.

I want my rucksack to become my closet,

my life’s tidbits scattering in it like organised chaos.

I want my bracelet heavy with charms,

each from a different place.

I want my vocabulary to have different languages,

all of them learnt while hopping from one place to another,

and not from a language learning class.

I want my skin to be the proof,

of my globe trotting,

when I compare the shades of tan

from different Suns of different places.

I want to use the names of places like adjectives,

“this looks so Indian”,

“The decor was like Japan during cherry blossom season!”

I want to be a walking travelogue,

with hundreds of travel stories etched on my lips.

I want to travel,

to each corner and curve of the Earth.

to each corner and curve

Credits : Google Images


For all the wanderlusts out there!

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