Author: Shambhavi Sinha

Bliss 0

Ignorance is Bliss – or is it?

“When it comes to family, we are all still children at heart.”   She longed for hugs, Craved some love. Shooting stars were called upon to wish, The wishes of having a family. Dandelions...

Corner n curve 0

To Each Corner and Curve

TO EACH CORNER AND CURVE I want my veins to become a metaphor, for the roadways and routes in maps. I want my rucksack to become my closet, my life’s tidbits scattering in it...

Cartoon 0

The Most Popular Cartoon Shows of the 90s

Growing up, cartoon shows were an inevitable part of our lives. We would do anything (anything here, includes completing our homework on time, eating tinde ki subzi, not fighting with our siblings, gulping the...

What's he like 0

What is He Like?

He’s like the warmth of a comforter on a nippy day. He’s like the first sip of the morning tea. He’s what a charger is to a cell phone with a 1% battery-life. He’s...

Indian Relatives (1) 0


Indian relatives are a genus of beings who are quite capable of throwing absolutely random questions at you, be it at any point of time. We have all faced those situations when we are...

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Eternal Quotes on Delhi

Ghalib had once said, “The world is the body and Delhi its life” : A veracious statement indeed. Be it the Mughal era or the present day, Delhi has maintained its gravity and grandeur throughout the...

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Don’t Want The Stares

Salma adjusted her pleats and smoothed her pallu as she checked and rechecked the kajal for the nth time. She had pressed and adjusted her bindi’s location (it had to be exactly in the...