Major Goof-ups in Breaking Bad You May Have Missed!


It is the show that has given you loads of OMG moments, jaw-dropping finales, crazy Chemistry hacks and yes.. gallons of feels. Even after 3 years since its series finale, Breaking Bad is hailed high by critics and viewers alike for being one of the highest rated shows in Television history and also for its impeccability in execution. But as they say, even the mighty can fall sometimes. Despite cooked to perfection, there are a number of technical and visual mistakes in this celebrated crime-drama that you can’t just overlook. Here’s a list of some of the popular goof-ups on the show.

*Watch ahead.. Spoiler awaits!*

1. Factual Inaccuracy

In the second episode (Cat’s in the Bag) of Season 1, Jesse dissolves two corpses in the bathtub with Hydrofluoric Acid and the acid eventually eats through the roof. However, Mythbusters a popular TV reality program, rebuffed this scene by proving that Hydrofluoric Acid, despite its property to dissolve organic matter, is not powerful enough to make a roof crumble.

Point 1. Pic


2. Continuity Error

In Season 4 Episode 01 (Box Cutter), Gus Fring’s henchman Victor is seen lying dead on the floor with the blood from his slit throat flowing in a vertical line between Jesse and Walt’s legs but in the very next scene, that blood line disappears as he is seen lying in a pool of blood.

Point 2. Pic


3. Visible Crew Mistake

In the bathroom scene from Season 2 episode 01 (Seven Thirty-Seven), where Skylar White is seen in front of the mirror, you can spot the hand of a camera operator reflected on the mirror for a split-second. Ouch. Now that’s a biggie!

breaking bad


4. Factual Error in Opening Credits

The opening credits of Breaking Bad features the names of the cast and crew with certain letters highlighted so as to signify a particular chemical element in the Periodic Table. However, in the name of Michael Slovis, the show’s Director of Photography, the letters “Ch” is highlighted throughout Season 2, even though “Ch” is not a symbol for any chemical element. This mistake was rectified in the later seasons.

breaking bad


5. Visible Crew Mistake

In a pivotal scene from the show’s Pilot episode, when Walt bends down to throw up, the microphone attached to actor Bryan Cranston’s waist can be spotted bulging beneath his shirt.

Point 5. Pic


6. Continuity Error

The pink teddy bear, which forms a significant motif of foreshadowing in the show’s second season, is shown with a missing left eye in Season 2 episode 01 (Seven Thirty-Seven). Whereas in the fourth episode (Down) of the same season, it is missing its right eye. Strange, right?

Point 6. Pic


Well, that’s a wrap! Tell us if we missed any other mistake in the list.

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