The Most Popular Indian Wedding Quirks

Let’s admit it, we Indians love our wedding culture. A coming family wedding signals the onset of humongous amounts of shopping (Yay!), trips to the salon and making of frantic plans, that are cancelled and remade each day. Then again there are some weddings that we attend where we are not aware of who the bride and groom even are, it is a sort of mystery to us, but we are there for only one thing; FOOD (guilty as charged!).
But no matter where you go, there are some things which are common to every  Indian wedding. Here are the Top 5

1. So You Think You Can Dance?  

indian wedding

The BARAAT. This is probably the most interesting part of the wedding where you can witness dance styles that you never knew existed. The aunties with their thumkas, the uncles with their signature ‘fingers pointing up’ moves and not to forget; the famous NAAGIN dance! And all the while, the groom is seated atop a horse , waiting to finally get  moving.

2. The Meena Bazaar Show 

indian wedding

You know those sarees that your mom never wears and has them ‘reserved’ for special occasions. Imagine all the aunties bringing out their finery all at once and behold! You have a walking catalogue straight out of Meena Bazaar, decked up in jewellery that would give Bappi Lahri a run for his money.

3. Band Baaja Buffet

indian wedding

You go to the buffet section and you’ve just had a bite and suddenly appears a photographer out of nowhere? That’s crazy and totally Indian, because there is no alternative explanation for those ‘awkward food eating’ pictures. Nevertheless, food is the only thing that drives us to attend our Mom’s duuuuuuur ki Chachi ki Mausi ki Beti ki Wedding.

4. Blast from the Past 

indian wedding

If you go to a family wedding, chances are, you will be introduced to relatives you never knew existed and the entire night is spent in figuring out, how exactly you are related to them. 90% of them would have seen you in various stages of crawling and drooling and yet expect you to answer the question, “Beta, remember me? No? Oh yeah, you were just six months old.” *Facepalm*

5. DJ waley Babu 


The dance floor actually has a very systematic hierarchy. First comes the small kids, grooving to the Yo-Yo beats. Then there are the mausa jis and chachas who drag out all the ladies onto the floor, followed by the bride and groom, somewhere in the middle. All the while requests to the DJ keep pouring in to play their favourite songs, who turns a deaf ear and plays the tried and tested – Hat ja Tau !

In the end, it’s all about getting together, creating memories and rejoicing in the happiness of the two people, who are about to sit like mannequins for the rest of the night!

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