Love is something no one can escape from. And a relationship is what brings two love birds even closer and makes them feel authentic about their love. Relationships have become such a trend now that you will find even a 6th standard kid having a girlfriend!
If you’re finding ways to keep your relationship going, here is a perfect guide for you!

1. Show your Love!


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I know you love her but sometimes its just not enough my friend. All you need to do is to show her how much you love her! Sing for her, write letters, go out on a date, surprise her with a present or just speak out your feelings for her. Make her feel that she is the only one for you and you are perfect for her. Trust me, you will be glad to see that smile on her face!

2. Spend some quality time


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The best thing you can give your love is your ‘Time’. Nothing works better than spending some quality time where you can talk nonstop and enjoy each other’s presence. That ‘Hand-in-Hand’ walk on a winter evening or that movie date on a weekend… Anything will work. Its eternal pleasure and adds sugar to your relationship!

3. Compliments


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You gotta trust me when I say that compliments can make her blush anytime! Be it her dress, her shoes, her accessories or even her nail-paint… Just praise it. She puts in her efforts to look that beautiful for you and the least you can do is to ‘Compliment her’. And for all those who are searching for a partner, complimenting can definitely work in your favour!

4. Talk it out


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Every relationship has its ups and downs, and for all those downs the best solution is to talk it out. From not liking her late replies to as big as feeling insecure… All you got to do is talk your heart out. Keeping issues inside you and letting them decompose will not do any good to you or your relationship. Things usually get worse when left unsaid. So if you still have something that’s hurting you or something she must know… Go talk to her. Talking makes things better!

5. Patience


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There will be times when things aren’t going your way. Be it her ignoring you, taking to much time in replying to your texts, not taking your calls or be it anything that irritates you about her… Patience is the key! Don’t keep spamming her inbox if she isn’t replying. Give her some time. Losing your cool when she too isn’t in a great state of mind will work as a fuel to the spark that can put your relationship on fire. Be a coolent to her. Have patience. Your time to sort things out well come soon. Forsure!

6. Do not argue over texts


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With Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, ChatOn and what not on our fingertips, everyone loves to chat. Especially the love birds! ‘Love Talks’ with those cute stickers available certainly gives an adrenaline rush and attracts you to chat even more. But never commit the mistake of arguing over texts. Sometimes while chatting, we can’t make out the expression of the other person or the mood they are in. We even misinterpret the meaning of a message sometimes and this can put you in some serious trouble! Call her or meet her personally to sort out matters.

7. Tears from girls; Apology from guys


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If you think ‘Tears’ are a girl’s ultimate weapon to turn tables ‘Her way’, you are damn right! There is no way that her wet eyes or her emotional talk won’t melt you (stupid) heart. It works great for girls! And boys… If you think something is wrong, just apologise to her. Whether its your fault or not or even if ‘She’ is the culprit, just say ‘Sorry’. This is the least you can do to make her feel better or prevent things get worse!

Now if you aren’t doing any of these things, make it a priority on your ‘To-do list’. This small little guide book can do wonders to your relationship and make your love life better than ever!
Good luck!

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