Indian television has come a long way from the times of ‘Kyuki Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi’ and ‘Kahani ghar ghar ki’. But despite all the glamour and special effects, it still lacks that intellectual and realistic touch. YouTube webseries is what looks like a perfect solution and nothing can be better than ‘Permanent Roommates’ for that matter! TVF’s this show is India’s 1st web-series started in October 2014 and is now world’s 2nd most watched web-series ever! Here are some reasons behind its such a huge popularity:

1. Presents Real-life issues

permanent roommates

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Webseries are usually known for presenting real-life situations and this show clearly proves it’s worth. Mikesh and Tanya have been in a 3 year long-distance relationship and now its time for them to face the ‘Marriage Issue’. Dipped in all the complexities of balancing a relationship and pre-marriage preparations in a comic set-up, this will glue you to YouTube for sure!

2. The lead actors

permanent roommates

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With Sumeet Vyas (as Mikesh) and Nidhi Singh (as Tanya), Permanent Roommates could not get a better star caste. The goofy Mikesh with his cute and (sometimes) stupid talks always becomes the source of laughter. While Tanya as a headstrong woman is mature in her ways and adds a touch of glamour to the show. The chemistry of ‘Tankesh’ (Tanya + Mikesh) as they call it is worth looking forward to and they won’t let you down!

3. A perfect blend of Comedy & Romance

permanent roommates

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Romantic comedy is a genre that has always been fun to watch and this show is on top of that list. The entire supporting caste (including Bollywood actors) has their own sense of humour and their comedy timing is so perfect that it will always manage to leave a smile on your face with those funny giggles here n there. While Mikesh and Tanya are madly into each other and their cute little romance looks great on the screen!

4. The uber-cool ‘Lleo’


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Amidst this romantic and comic set-up comes this uber-cool character who calls himself as ‘Lleo’. With long beard and his funky talks, Lleo has a swag of his own. His calling ‘Bro’ to Mikesh every now and then and his extra casual ways add some cool quotient to the episode. He is surely the ‘Mr. Cool’ of the show!

5. Those ‘To-Remember’ dialogues


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“Cooooolllll” is what Mikesh has to say everytime he likes something. You cannot stop your laughter when he says “Chalo jaane do. Galti ka ehsaas hone par toh insaan bhi maaf kar deta hai. Main toh fir bhi bhagwaan hu”. While giving some honeymoon advice to his friend ‘Gittu’, Mikesh says “Fir kiss karlo”. Bittu replies “Kiss toh phod dunga. Aage kya karna hai?” And to that hilarious reply, Mikesh says “Fir toh sab auto-pilot mode pe chala jata hai na!” Ticking all the boxes of an entertaining show, the writing team has done a great job in dialogues department too!

6. The lovely theme song


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After the short recap of the previous episode that plays in the beginning, every episode welcomes you with the show’s sweet melodious theme song. The guitar chords and the whistles in the background are so refreshing to your ears. This sweet short music of 50 seconds is so fascinating that you will start looking forward to this tune even before you wanna watch the entire episode!

With all these amazing highlights, now you know why Permanent Roommates is such a huge hit! Gone are the days of watching those ‘Saas-Bahu’ quarrels and over-dramatic dialogues. Its time for you to switch to such light-hearted realistic webseries which will definitely leave a broad smile on your face everytime you watch it. And trust me, Permanent Roommates is the best webseries you can watch!

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