From a Boy to his Father – Happy Father’s Day..!!

Father's Day

“Make my heart a home for my deity, whose home have I taken refuge in.”

This year’s father’s day is on 19th of june that is the third Sunday of june, what’s so special about it? 19th of june also happens to be the exact date when the first ever Father’s day was celebrated.

People do tell you this when you mess with them: didn’t your father teach you how to live? The fact is, no father teaches a child how to live, he lives and lets the child watch him do it. There are numerous unintentional gifts that a father leaves behind for the child, from witnessing the valour with which he tackled adversity, to performing gimmicks to make his child laugh. Whatever the problem might be he gives a mountain of courage to the family, unshaken, completely tranquil and showcases ebullience.


He might not be a veteran, he might not be an astronaut he might not be all the cool stuff you imagined including your non existing astro-ninja-nuclear-acting-biologist, but at the end of the day he’s still your dad, still your hero. How satisfying it is to assume this lame statement to be true for a few seconds: What if all of us are the comics written by god and all the fathers are the super heroes?


It is difficult to answer to why are all the fathers of the same kind? With the same never ending sacrificing potential, the same never vanishing smiles during the hard times, with the same incomparable amount of love and care, with the same amount of power to charm their children to make him their first hero and it is beautiful to acknowledge that in most of the cases he is the last one too.

A daughter can always find a prince but her father shall remain the king. A son can always find a heroine but his father shall remain the hero.

Wish you dad a very happy father’s day!

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