Soldier returns home, 7 years after ‘death’!! Some people don’t believe in miracle..!! – TMP News


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Dharamveer Singh, a jawan with the 66 Armoured Regiment in Dehradun, had been missing since 2009 and was declared dead three years later, as is the norm.
He was driving a military vehicle on Chakrata road in Dehradun when the vehicle hit the road divider thus, meeting an inevitable accident.
His fellow jawans managed to return back to their units but there was no trace of Dharamveer Singh.
Eventually, the Army issued the death certificate and granted pension to the family.
However, Dharamveer Singh’s wife Manoj Devi never gave up her hope as she earnestly believed that her husband would return one day and thus, kept fasting for his safety.
Finally, God answered her prayers and after seven long years; during last week there was knock on the door.
Retired subedar Kailash Yadav was startled to see his dead son in front of his eyes as he opened the door. His happiness knew no bounds and the entire family were utterly cemented to the ground.
Singh told his family that he did not remember what had happened to him after the 2009 accident.”All he remembers is that he was begging on the streets of Haridwar last week, when he was hit by a bike. The rider rushed him to a hospital, where Dharamveer, after regaining consciousness, realized that he had recovered his memory,” said Ram Niwas, who is a doctor. Singh, who can’t stop thanking God, said, “The biker who hit me gave me Rs 500. I took the money and bought a ticket for Delhi. After that I reached my village in Bhiteda, near Alwar. I am in shock. It felt so good to see all of them. I could hardly recognize my daughters. They have become so big.” One of his daughters is in Class 10 while the other is in Class 12. The family has now brought Singh to Jaipur for treatment.

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