Wanna See Heaven: Come to CHERRAPUNJEE


The second you set out your car onto the roads of Cherrapunjee, you will be charmed and enticed by the perennial beauty it has to offer. The lush green fields, the foggy weather, the tall trees obliterated by the fog against the sky takes you once and for all into the meditative state where you can find perfect bliss and harmony. It engulfs you into the land of Utopia and the romantic cool winds embrace your soul; so tightly that it becomes hard to untie yourself from the bog of nature.


On the way to Cherrapunjee…..Dated:July’14

Cherrapunjee (abode of clouds) or mawsmai or Sohra which is the wettest place on mother Earth takes only one hour driveway from Shillong. The one hour driveway is filled with inexplicable surprises from nature.

nohkalikai-falls-Cherrapunjee                                       Img. Source: tripadvisor
 Destination-1: Nohkalikai waterfall, Cherrapunjee

We were welcomed by pelting rain and cool breezy winds. Upon reaching, we waited for the rain to subside while savoring a cup of hot steaming tea and admiring the impeccable beauty of the nature. But the rain wouldn’t stop, so we decided to head to Nohkalikai waterfall with our umbrellas on. Due to heavy fog, we couldn’t get the glimpse of waterfall but all we could hear was the sound of gushing water. Stood, there I listening to the sound of the nature and reminiscing about December 2006.Back in the year of 2006, my father along with my sister had accompanied me to this chunk of Utopia and we were fortunate enough to see the waterfall. I dragged the beautiful memory to the forefront of my cerebrum and relived that moment once again. The water falling from the height of 1115 feet looked like huge white cotton balls speedily falling towards the gravity and gathering in a heavenly mixture of sapphire and emerald. I remembered how that beauty had once awe-stricken me and the memory is still continuing to brutally awestruck me. Actually, I fell for that moment and now that I’m writing about it I’m falling for it all over again.


Cherrapunjee-Eco park

Destination-2. Breathtaking view of ‘Green Canyons’ from atop the Eco Park

Having savored the beauty of the fall, we then, headed to Eco Park which attracts myriad of tourists all around the year. The small piece of paradise offers a breathtaking view of ‘Green Canyons’ and a panoramic view of the Sylhet plains of Bangladesh. It is also a home to several hybrids and indigenous orchids. You can also find cool soothing rivulets around the park. The place gives you a feeling that you’re walking into the clouds.


Destination-3.The famous ‘Seven Sisters Waterfalls’ or ‘Nohsngithiang Falls’

The cascading waterfall wrapped by the blanket of clouds and fog is definitely a poetic piece to relish. It is one of the highest waterfalls in India and a must visit place in Cherrapunjee. The spectacular hue of the Sun directly falls on the waterfall giving birth to mesmerizing rainbows.


                                                              Destination-4. The mysterious ‘Mawsmai Cave’
It’s one of the best nature’s gifts to the state. Once you enter the cave, you’ll be spell bounded by the mystery it has to offer. It magnetizes umpteen numbers of tourists from all over the world leaving them all awestruck.



Img. Source: Earthporm
  Destination-5. The Living Root Bridges
The Living root bridges earn its name in the UNESCO Heritage list which is a must visit place.
Go, explore and unleash the beauty and the mystery!!

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