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Nazar Battu one of The Most Popular channel on youtube recently got in a war with the  Dharma Productions, when the two Gujjar boys decided to do a parody on the trailer on the Kapoor and sons, the recently released movie under the Dharma Productions. The series of events went like this-

1- Nazar Battu made an awesome spoof. – Baba And Sons



Baba And Sons

2- Dharma Productions striked a copyright notice.

Nazar Battu

3- Gujjar Boys released it on FB.

They just uploaded it on the FB with a Tag – “lo bhaiyo ye raha baba and sons ka link..mauj karo :D.”

Don’t you think that it is the high time in India that we should not block these type of stuff and take all this in a light comedy. Hollywood promotes parody,try watching Honest Trailers on youtube.

Gujjar se koi bacha hai kya aaj tk ..!! Awesome Parody guys..!!

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