Flipkart or Flopkart – Big Billion Days..!!!


Flipkart has been again kicked off by the customers like the last year. The condition this year is more hilarious than expected. It has got a rocky start this year on Tuesday 13th October. The customer seems to be struggling with the app started in the midnight itself. The technical snags everywhere shows them the declining part of this sale on 13th October itself.

Price Inflation:


The “Big Billion Day”, jumped a host of surprises in the minds of online shoppers. Expectations of shoppers crashed at 13th midnight when the server crashed with uncertain errors from the moment the sale started. Here so many things were quite messed up. Starting with the app, the sale was only available on the app. Frankly, this is the worst decision they have made as a people without smartphones were by default shortlisted. Ahead of this, in the last few months the service of Flipkart was quite distressed. Price inflation seems to be a new tagline for Flipkart. They inflated the price of every product and then create an illusion of massive discounts.


The new feature of providing sale on different categories on different days proved to be fatal. Offers on particular banks, offers for a while were not communicated in a proper way. The biggest backfire for this sale was clashing period of sale with Amazon and Snapdeal. Amazon has again built a strong, trusted relationship with its customer. These two shopping websites provided genuine discounts without any price inflation. Their availability of sale on websites as well as App proved to be shining start in the last five days.

Amazon Vs Flipkart:


Amazon has undoubtedly won the war with Flipkart again with the massive profit. The Flipkart’s queue is now filled with dropped orders, and cheating claims. Flipkart app is undoubtedly overburdened along with so many technical snags. But the results of the sale seem to be in loss. The way our mobile network behaves along with the infrastructure of Flipkart’s App is like a disaster in the world of Online Marketing.
The overall claims of achieving massive profit with this Big Billion Day (13th October-17th October) were all in vain. After this sale, people started calling Flipkarts as a FLOPKART.

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