Most Popular words used while Texting!


There was a time when invention meant something useful related to science but for today’s generation the greatest and coolest invention ever is TEXTING! Since the invention of texting, the world has changed in a lot of ways. By world, I meant the  World of Children and Young Adults! Texting has had a major impact on their lives.They learnt how to ignore families, relatives and people they are not interested to talk. Not only this, they started to become creative in many ways. Creating short forms while texting being the first and the most popular invention of all times. This IMPORTANT invention shows there are still people with high talent out there creating new things everyday. I would like to throw some light on the most popular words and short-words used while texting by our TALENTED and CREATIVE youngsters:

1. k – Yeah you read it right. Its just an alphabet ‘K’ but it plays a deep and important role while texting.

Advantages: It is used to ignore a person and stop the conversation right away. You do not have to kill time and energy while typing this. All you have to do is type k and send it.

Disadvantages: The person who receives this often gets offended and irritated by this kind of response but who cares, after all we live in a country full of offends.

2. hmm – The million dollar invention so far used in the entire TEXTING industry. You don’t even have to worry about the response after sending this because there would be no response only. Sending this word signifies an end to the conversation.

3. OMG – Yeah that’s the same burger name at KFC which you love to eat but who said its a patent by KFC people. It definitely isn’t and that’s the reason it is used to express a feeling of grief, excitement, sorrow, shock while you are texting now a days. By the way it means ‘Oh My God’.

4. Awww – This word definitely has a patent filed by girls because you will find this word not only while texting with them but also on their pics on facebook. And the best thing about this word is you can add as many ‘w’ you want to this word and the meaning goes on more deep. Hence this word is defined to be girls favorite word.

5. BTW – This is not a word exactly but is a short form for a phrase we use in our daily life of texting. This means ‘By The Way’ and it also has an alias name ‘BDW’.

6. Hiee/Okiee – These are the sibling words invented in the history of texting. The people who loves to text and are addicted to it often use this to show how much jobless they are. It feels like they love to jumble the alphabets.

7. Lol/Rofl/Lmao – These are the words used to show how much funny a thing is. Although I am sure there are so many fellas out there who doesn’t even know its full form but they use it because it is used by their friends. By the way, Lol means Laugh out Loud, ROFL means Roll on the floor laughing and Lmao means Laugh my ass out.

And out of all these words and many more words which I haven’t defined here, the king of all words is ‘OK’. Its so popular that it has the most number of nicknames/alias so far. The different forms of ‘Ok’ are: ‘k’, ‘Okay’, ‘Okie’, ‘Okies’, ‘Oks’, ‘Okk’, etc and etc. There won’t be much long until more new names have been invented for this word.

However, one thing is true, without these words there wont be any fun while texting and all the creativity so far will go in vain. So I would advise you all to keep inventing more and more words like this because clearly I am not against these words and I have no right to stop people from using it. Enjoy texting because that is something you cannot ignore or avoid no matter how hard you try.



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