Five quirky ways to make your summer vacation interesting!


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It’s that time of the year again when you can unapologetically bid adieu to the proverbial dictate- “early to bed and early to rise”. Vacations are the perfect time when you can simply snug up in your bed and procrastinate for long hours without having to worry about alarm clocks, Mondays and deadlines. But why be lousy when you can be fun?
So we give you a sneak-peak into 5 quirky ways you can live your summer vacation to the fullest and beat the heat in style. Keep calm and read on!

1. Feel the wanderlust:

How often do we imagine ourselves as Julia Roberts in ‘Eat Pray Love’ who travels the world to rediscover herself? Pretty often right! But reality is so much more expensive than fiction. You and your gang can think of some easy and pocket-friendly trips you can make during the summer holidays or explore some local tourist spots that you’ve never been to.

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2. Plan the perfect family time:

One of the most common complaints in almost every Indian household is about the son/daughter not spending quality time with his/her family. Bond with your family members, especially your grandparents, over a cup of tea and may be, a game of cards. You can also take them out for a surprise lunch/dinner or a long drive and make memories.

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3. Delve into some fun and unique summer  jobs:

We often picturize summer jobs as dull and exhaustive but taking up some fun and innovative part-time jobs which also can bring in some extra bucks during the summer holidays can be the perfect way to lift your mood and break free from the monotony.

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4. Binge-watch those TV shows and movies which were always in your bucket list:

Are you an avid TV and movie buff? Does your world revolve around fictional characters and fandom? Then this summer vacation should give you your ultimate hall pass to get cozy on the couch, grab a bowl of popcorn and binge-watch episodes of all the seasons of your favorite shows.

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5. Discover the bibliophile in you:

If you’re a bibliophile, that is, someone who finds his real friend in the pages of a book, then the summer vacation is the most treasurable time when you can grab a page turner and get lost into the world of imagination, dungeons and dragons.

Summer Vacation

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So what are you waiting for? Try out these quirky ideas and have yourself a summer vacation worth remembering…

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