Bollywood’s most controversial – a must watch!


It has never been easy for film-makers to bring truth to the big screen without facing a row of controversies and allegations. Here is a list of films that have been under the scanner for the raw and truthful content—

  1. Bandit Queen (1994)

    Bandit Queen was Shekhar Kapur’s absolute magical wonder. The story traced  the life of an unnamed famous female bandit. With gore and abuses involved, the film had to face many difficulties from the Censor Board of India, where all these factors were reprimanded. When the film finally released, it gained not only national, but international accolade as well at various film festivals.

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  1. Fire (1996)

    Homophobia has always been a burning issue in our country. Deepa Mehta’s Fire explored the horizon of same-sex relationships where her film traced the story of two women, who are sister-in-laws, but end up having feelings for each other. The film faced a a lot of criticism from the audiences and the Censor Board was asked to censor it further. Later, it was cleared.

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    1. Black Friday (2005)

      Anurag Kashyap has always been a favourite of Censor Board and audiences alike. Black Friday was mind-numbing drama, which traces the horrific chronological order of events that happened during the tragic Mumbai riots 1992-93 riots and bombing. The Censor Board clear cut refused to release the movie. After much ado, the film, accompanied by various cuts was released in the year 2007.

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  1.   Water (2005)

    Deepa Mehta’s another creation went under the magnifying glass, when her film Water raised the issue of Sati, a social evil. The film faced a lot of problems from the Hindu organizations in Varanasi, and this film also faced a problem while shooting. Yet, Censor Board gave a nod and this film was released successfully.


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  1. Fanaa (2007)

    Fanaa was the directorial debut of Kunal Kohli, who beautifully portrayed a cursed love-story. But the film had to undergo a lot of tumultuous hatred after its release. Apparently, the lead actor of the film, Aamir Khan raised the issue of Narmada Dam to the then ruling party in the state of Gujarat, BJP. The party then not only banned the release of the movie in Gujarat, but also banned all the endorsements that the actor did in the state.

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