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Television amounts to huge part of our lives. But not always do we end up watching shows that appeal to us personally. Some are just too dramatic, whilst the others are way too mainstream and boring for our taste. So, here is a comprehensive list of top five shows you should not miss at all!

1. Game of Thrones-

An adapted version of George R Martin’s book, A Song of Ice and Fire, this show has the costliest sets, the most talented cast and well, the best storyline. The story mainly revolves around seven royal families (or house), that fight for the iron throne—which gives them the power over Westeros kingdom. This show has over a billion viewership, not just limited to Britain, but worldwide. If you happen to like the genre of period drama altogether, you might want to dig into this television series. This series has beautiful and raw insights of life and times of people in the early period.


2. Breaking Bad

This American hit show, often underestimated for its scientific content makes up for one Hell of a watch. It is based on the life of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who struggles to pay for medical treatments and hence uses the meth-making business as a means of paying his financial debts. This show is often acclaimed for its quirky, scientific content inter-twined with lessons for life.


3. Downtown Abbey

This British period drama has one of the most talented cast, with the plotline revolving around Lord Grantham and his story of acquiring his ancestral home, Downtown Abbey. This show explores the deep, dark veiled parts of the Western Europe in Victorian Era, accompanied with its intricate costumes and sets alike. It will be a treat to your eyes!


4. Grey’s Anatomy

Perhaps America’s best drama brainchild till date, Grey’s Anatomy explores the life and times of surgical interns, where every hurdle they face in life serves as a stepping stone for them to become the finest doctors in the country. The show has protagonist, Meredith Grey, and the other cast which has the likes of Katherine Heigl as well. The show is absolutely raw in its essence, and you might want to hold onto a tonnes of tissues whilst you watch it.


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