Tastiest Biriyani Restaurants in Hyderabad!


Hyderabad, which is also known as “city of pearls” is the culturally rich city of the state. It is presently the capital of two states (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh). One cannot stop thinking about Hyderabad for its richly mixed cultural and historical tradition spanning over 400 mesmerizing years. It is a treat for the lovers of cuisine, history, art, architecture and regarded as extremely popular for its succulent biryani cuisine. It would be crime if you don’t mention Hyderabad biryani at the top spot of Indian Hyderabadi cuisines. When you mention Hyderabad, the first thing comes to mind is BIRYANI.
Here is the list of tastiest biryani restaurant in Hyderabad which you cannot afford to miss.
Paradise is considered to be the legendary biryani restaurant. It is spread across the city and is also imported to many other countries. Paradise restaurant specializes in hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Kebabs, Chinese cuisine, Tandoori cuisine and Hyderabadi Haleem. The hotel is the recipient of awards such as Best Biryani 2012 by Times food Award, Best Biryani by Kutti Krishnan and many more.


If you’re in the mood to taste piquant cuisine then one should definitely think about Shadab restuarant. It is known for the Hyderabadi biryani, Haleem and many other dishes. In 2015 it received best Hyderabadi biryani award by Times food Guide. Apparently this place beats many historical restaurants in Hyderabad.


Bawarchi brings the best Indian subcontinent cuisine and is of course well known for its mouthwatering hyderabadi dum biryani. This restaurant is so famous that it has a standard note on its walls that says “we don’t have any branches”. So be careful before being fooled by other restaurant.


Café Bahar is one of the paradigmatic places in Hyderabad for its delectable hyderabadi biryani and Haleem. It started in the year 1973 with the slogan “THE TASTE OF ALL GOOD TIMES” and is one of top restaurant to watch out for.


Shah Ghouse café is one the restaurants in Hyderabad which you cannot afford to miss. It is a popular haleem joint and also serves up some of the best biryani and irani chai in the city. It is said that the flavor of its Irani chai and biryani has not changed in 50 years.

shah ghouse

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