Zindagi – A tie between Indo Pak!

“Zindagi- Jodey Dilon Ko”-that is what the logo of the new Hindi-cum-Urdu television channel, Zindagi TV, has to say.


In true means, Zindagi has connected millions of Pakistanis and Indians by the medium of television dramas. Pakistani Dramas have always been very popular throughout the world, due to their to-the-point scripts, realistic stories and practical approach towards life. In contrast to the Indian tele-dramas with endless scripts and suffocating screenplays, thousands of Indians now prefer to watch these shows on Zindagi TV.


In June 2014, Zindagi became the first ever general entertainment channel to air syndicated content from Pakistan. The fact that a mutual intelligibility exists between Urdu and Hindi allows Indian viewers to enjoy these shows. The Channel has also embarked the new beginning of a cultural exchange between India and Pakistan. Its launch is a step ahead to promote peace and harmony between India and Pakistan.

Although a geographical boundary exists on the map, but both the countries have common history and cultural heritage. These shows exemplify that human emotions are same among people across all borders. Whether it be the innocent, simple Khirad from ‘Humsafar’ or the stern, strict ‘Aapa’ from ‘Badi Aapa’, the traditional Rafia from ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ or the modern Aiza from Aaina Dulhan Ka, all Pakistani characters have left a deep impact on Indian audiences. Our mothers and grandmothers have finally got a glue that sticks them to the television.

Not only does the channel broadcast dramas, it airs telefilms too. Some of them have been ‘Yeh Phool Sa Nazook Chehra’ and ‘Behadd’. The television company presented the biggest Pakistani dramas in the year 2015- such as Lakeerein(based on The Partition of India), Ijaazat, Maya,etc. The company’s future plans are to broadcast television shows from Bangladesh, Iraq and Iran too.


This is definitely step to bring the people of both the countries closer to each other and hopefully, boundaries will be bridged in the future. And last but not the least, Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan have really become Indian heartthrobs after spreading their magic on Pakistan!


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