The Most Popular Desi Beverages


For every desi guy, there is a desi drink. India is known for its exotic hot and cold desi beverages. Following is a list of 5 world-famous drinks that originate in India.

  1. Chaas (salty butter milk)

This milk-based drink is popular in the northern and western states of India. Known for its salty taste, this milk based drink is loved by people of all ages. Chaas has made its way to lists of many international foodies and rightfully so.


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  1. Masala Chai

Making its way from the Mumbai stalls, masala chai is now a house hold name. The strong masala chai is one of the most popular hot beverages in India and can surely be found served in every chai-thela on the Indian road side.


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  1. Lassi

This cold Punjabi drink is loved by millions in India. This sweet bliss goes hand in hand with makke ki roti and saag. Popular in the international kitchens, Lassi tastes better and classy if accompanied with fruits.


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  1. Kesar Badam Dudh

Served in kullad (earthen tea cups), kesar badam dudh is one of the oldest drinks in India. What makes this drink special is the fact that it can be served hot as well as cold. Known for its medicinal goodness, this drink is loved by all Indian mothers and rightly so.


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  1. Rooh Afza

This strawberry-flavoured sugar syrup is a part of every Indian kitchen. What makes Rooh Afza versatile is the fact that it could be used to garnish almost every drink and give it a unique flavor. It’s been a part of Indian culture for more than a century and is a family staple across generation.

rooh afza

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