Oh My Olive! – The Most Popular Uses of Olives.

“The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven”
– Thomas Jefferson

Money talks, but all it says is “goodbye”. You spend money on cosmetics just like your shower spends water on you, yet face your face in your mirror that you don’t want to face.
Olive oil is something that every house has! It is affordable, it is very common, and it is miraculous!
With almost no money spent, you can have wonders done on your skin! Here are some of the uses of olive oil!

1. Pre-shampoo treatment


Credits: wikkihow.com

Applying warm olive oil to the ends of hair and scalp has been used as a pre-shampoo treatment from the Egyptian times. Apply and leave that up-to a quarter-hour and then shampoo it out to find how soft your hair could feel.

2. Say good-bye to cracked heels


Credits: wikkihow.com

The only thing rough and split heels need it moisture which olive oil provides the best. Apply olive oil to the feet and put on socks to lock in the moisture as you sleep.

3. Cracked Lips gone!


Credits: wikkihow.com

Winters are the worst for the lips, and if your lips are sensitive they could crack in summers too. To fix a chapped lip prepare a mixture of sugar and olive oil and scrub. You can also had a bit of lemon juice, its acidic properties would give your lip a better appearance.

4. Ear Wax remedy


Credits: wikkihow.com

How embarrassing would it be if your ear wax was spotted by your bae! Ooooh! Olive oil to the rescue! Just a few drops in your ears for three to four nights to loosen the wax.

5. Acne bye-bye


Credits: wikkihow.com

The biggest enemies of all the teenagers are these smalls things. Acne trouble right before an occasion seems to be a nightmare but there can always be a sun shine! Yes… Olive oil! The mixture of olive oil and lemon juice when applied will unclog the pores and kills the bacteria entrapped in them.

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