Most Popular Astronauts who lost their lives during missions


There have been so many NASA astronauts who have made stupendous achievements in their career before meeting any casualties or detonation. They had been honored with several awards and titles which no one can forget.  Their immense contribution to the space journey will remain for long even if they have passed away.

Here are some top contributors who have lost their lives during space journey:

  • Michael P. Anderson

Michael P. Anderson

Michael was selected by NASA in 1994. Later on he went to the Johnson Space Centre for training. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in U.S Navy. He successfully completed his mission STS-89. But unfortunately second mission STS-107 proved fatal. The spacecraft detonated during their re-entry into our space. He was awarded with “Congressional Space Medal of Honor”.


  • Kalpana Chawla:


She was an Indian-American astronaut who became the victim of Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003. She was a mission connoisseur who joined NASA as Astronaut Corp. She was the first Indian lady who went to space and completed several missions.  She was posthumously awarded with NASA Space Flight and Distinguished Service Award.


  • Christa McAuliffe:


She was an American Astronaut who was a victim of Space Shuttle Disaster in 1986. She was a teacher who conducted so many scientific researches on magnetism, chromatography etc.  In 1986 she went on mission STS-51-L which exploded after 72 seconds of its launch due to the failure of O-rings in the spacecraft. She was honored with “Space Medal of Honor”.

  • Ronald Ervin McNair:


Ronald was an American-African scientist who joined NASA as an astronaut later on.  He started his journey with the mission STS-41-B as a specialist.  With the successful completion of this mission, he was forwarded to another mission STS-51-L which exploded due to the malfunctioning of the component. In honor of Ronald, a crater on the moon is known by the name McNair.

  • Rick D. Husband:


Rick was selected as Colonel in U.S Air Force. He was an American astronaut who was the commander of Space Shuttle Columbia. He successfully completed his journey of space with the mission STS-96 and stayed there for 10 days. Following this, he became the part of STS-107 which was aimed at improving life on this planet. But in February the spacecraft exploded while their re-entry, killing the entire crew members along with Husband.

  • Laurel Clark:


Laurel Clark was a U.S Navy Captain who has done her expertise in astronaut field. She was also the part of the Space Shuttle Columbia, where she was chosen as a specialist. The spacecraft explodes during their re-entry into the earth. She had conducted several experiments on gardening etc. In space


  • David M Brown:


David started his career with Navy Captain and then later on moving to become an Astronaut.  He completed his internship from Carolina and then joined the Navy. He was selected by NASA for STS-107 mission. But this mission proved fatal for him and he lost his life during that spacecraft detonation like other crew members.


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