Most popular Pizza Brands in India


Who can resist a bite of hot crispy Chesse Pizza…?? No one I guess. Indians are fond of appetizing and crispy food whether it is a Pizza, Sandwich, Garlic bread or anything.  It was least popular amongst our older generation but the upcoming brands have made our younger generation fond of it. Cheese is just like milk for us without which we can’t survive.

Here are some top brands of Pizza in India where you can go and have lip-smacking dishes:

Pizza Hut:

pizza hut

It is an American Chain that has expanded across India and undoubtedly has reached at the top when Pizza is concerned. It is basically an International Franchise that offers lip-smacking pizzas in various different styles/ ingredients. It is a subsidiary of largest restaurant company Yum Brands. It has opened its outlets in 40 different cities with the provided service of home delivery. Their advertising slogan is “Gather round the good stuff”’. So go and don’t miss the appetizing pizza.



Cheesy cheesy cheese…!!! The name itself filled your mouth with cheese and even if you are not hungry you want to go and grab the mouth-watering pizza of Dominoz. It is delivering tempting pizzas since 1996. Its quality, customer service and money offering makes youngster to go again and again. It’s extremely appetizing Garlic Bread will definitely leave a taste of cheese on your tongue. Plan an outing or order at your home but you can’t afford to miss this chance to experience it.

Smokin’ Joe’s Pizza:


It is a national Franchise whose headquarter is located in Mumbai since 1993. Parsi entrepreneurs owned this brand. But today it has more than 50 outlets located in different cities. It has primarily set only Pizza as its brand but now it has moved to Pizza sandwiches and various other dishes of cheese, desserts, salads etc. It offers both veg and non-veg dishes to its customers. It is now expanding its chain in some International cities also.

U.S Pizza:

u.s pizza

It is favorite Pizza brand of all the people across India. This brand is owned by United Restaurants Ltd. It is initially a Pizza based brand only but now it has incremented its menu for slimmer’s too by adding variety of Yum salads. You can order an unlimited meal consisting of salads, pizza, deserts etc.  The cheap rates of the meals attract so many customers to experience taste with best.

Papa John’s:

 papa johns

It has been awarded as the 3rd ‘ largest Pizza Company all over the world. It has achieved top ranks position whenever surveys regarding Pizza brand has been conducted. Its product quality is amazing that led to attract more and more customers and help it to build a good reputation across the country.

Pizza Corner:

pizza corner

Its menu is full of wholesome food with scrumptious delicacies. It offers Indian variation of Pizza like tossed crust, Mexican Pizza, pastas, appetizers, salads and desserts. It has started home delivery within a certain range. If Pizza is not delivered after 39 minutes of order placing, then it is free to the customers.

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