Most popular Celebrity Homes in India


Everyone is very curious to know about the lifestyle of their favorite stars. They are very much interested in knowing how they live and where do they live. Most of the celebrities have earned so much to afford a splendid life and living in an extravagant tower or a mansion.

Famous celebrity homes across India:



It is a private home owned by Mukesh Ambani. The value of property is around 4000 to 6000 crores. The architecture was developed by architects from Chicago. The building has 27 storeys with parking area of six storeys. It has nine elevators for going to the living quarters. Crystal Chandeliers are used over the ceilings to show royalty. It encompasses ballroom, theatre with maximum capacity of 50 members. Recreational space comprises of spa, temple, terraced garden etc. It has been declared as the most expensive residence in the world.




The owner of this house is none other than King Khan. The house is located in Band Stand, one of the posh locations in Mumbai. The value of property is around 125 crore to 150 crore. The Bungalow faces towards the Arabian Sea giving you an aesthetic view of the sea. A six storey building has been constructed behind this bungalow for gym, library, guest rooms, car parking, offices etc. But the family resides in bungalow with the magnificent artwork adorning over the walls.

Prateeksha   & Jalsa:

prateeksha_Celebrity Homes

Prateeksha is one of the most splendid houses across houses the world. This is the foremost house Big B purchased in the town of films. The value of property is around 70 crores and Jalsa is about 160 crores. It is the known landmark in Mumbai for the fans of Big B. Jalsa is the house where the family recently resides.  Its interior is architect in a very modern style with all the facilities available for the family member like gym, library etc.


White House in the sky:

mallya's_Celebrity Homes

Vijay Mallya, owner of the Kingfisher owns this tower. It is situated in Bangalore.  It has 82 apartments of which 30 are of Mallya’s and 10 are needed to be distributed amongst his family. It has five entries where one entry is used by Mallya leads him to his penthouse, personal lobby and his office. He asked his architect to design the special areas for the showcasing of Vintage cars.


19 A-Perry Cross Road:

sachin's_Celebrity Homes

World’s famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar owns this house. The cost of the property is 90 crores to 100 crores. It has fascinating and magnificent interior with all the basic amenities available in a royal style. His drawing-room has been designed in such a way so that his trophies & awards can be showcased easily. The swimming pool is there on the terrace of this villa for his children.

Watch some famous celebrity homes.

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