Most popular ways of Birthday Celebration..!!


Your birthday is the most awaited day throughout the year, but if it goes boring then how you would feel? Don’t let it go boring man…!! Start planning something from the start of the birthday month itself… Make your birthday the best birthday ever by hanging out with friends.

Here are some exciting ideas for your birthday…!!!




Clubbing has become a passion for youngsters. Your city has so many appealing clubs or pubs which are open for you 24*7. This can be the best way to celebrate your birthday with your friends.  It provides you an open environment for interaction with new people as well as your friends. Ask your friend to come to your favorite club and dance freely to burn the floor. You can play squash, billiards with your friends to have more fun.




It is one of the common pastime activities for youngsters. You can ask your friends for an outing which involves camping, fishing, Trekking, climbing etc. You can go for a short trip at some hill station and stay there in the camps.  Just imagine relaxing your mind in the middle of such lush green and Eco friendly surroundings. It feels great Isn’t it? You can sit in a circle and take advantage of bon firing.

Pool Party:


Book some suitable resort so that you can celebrate your birthday in a very sensational way. Ask your friends to come in the pool and kick them in. You can hire some event manager so that pool party along with the theme will be awesome. Play in the water or go for some rides to have more frolic experience. Here fun comes with loud music, pool, drinking and playing. So don’t miss it out and plan something amazing for yourself and your friends too.


Sky Diving:

sky diving_birthday

If you want to make your birthday unforgettable and you are in love with adventure, then skydiving is the best spot for you. Teenagers are more excited about doing something that is thrilling then believe me sky diving is the king.  It is a little pricey, but it will definitely make you experience flavor of excitement and thrill.




As the word comes to your mind, it leaves you with the youngsters roaming around in the sexy attire. Isn’t it? You can take your friends to beach to feel and experience the same.  There you will find several adventurous water sports like bike racing, boating, Paragliding etc. You can plan your party at the beach itself with some romantic theme along with loud music and wines.


Amusement Park:


The amusement park is an amalgamation of attractive, fun, frolic and rides. Nothing can be more exciting and thrilling than this. These are not meant for children only rather adults too. You can take your friends there and enjoy with them in various amazing rides. Inside these you will have food courts too for refreshments. So don’t let this birthday go normally instead take your friends to an amusement park.

Social cause:


This is one and only noble idea that comes to our mind while thinking. You can visit rehabilitation centers or orphanage and distribute chocolates, sweets, clothes etc to the poor people residing there. This is not something rocking on your birthday, but the smiles on their faces will definitely fill your heart with love and peace.

Baby ka Birthday Bash

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