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IRCTC – Next Generation eTicketing System

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited, also famously known as IRCTC. The helping hand offers facilities to people across India for catering, tourism and online ticket booking.
Did you know that all these online advertisements that we see showcasing IRCTC offers are actually worth more than a crore. Sounds crazy? Let’s see how the following information sounds.

These are the screenshots of IRCTC’s website.

Screenshot (153) IRCTC 

 Not able to figure out ?? ok.. Watch other one.Screenshot (154)


As you can see, the advertisements have been extensively added. All these ads help the corporation earn a lot of profit.

Wondering HOW? Its this amazing internet trick called ADSENSE.


Credits: RTI (Right To Information)

You read it right! It is in actual figures 28,35,59,63.98 PER YEAR.
28 crores, 35 lakhs, 59 thousand and 633 Rs, only.

Now that’s how fun and simple AdSense is. Makes you wanna build your own website doesn’t it?
Just add this magic powder called AdSense and voila!
Indeed, IRCTC is Next Generation eMoney-maker system. Oops! We meant Next Generation eTicketing System.

What’s AdSense?

AdSense is a free and simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website.

Sounds very simple. Can make you a millionaire overnight.
Indeed, this fun and simple way to earn money is being carried out by the corporation’s website. The profits that they make are no-where close to your imagination. Because its not a few hundred bucks. We kid you not! Read on for some hard-core proof.

Some digging around was done. An appeal was made for Right To information. This is what the jaw dropping reply was about the website’s AdSense yearly pay.

*RTI was applied by Sarthak and it has been published under his permission.

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