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Acharya Narendra Dev College, or ANDC, is an off-campus college of the University of Delhi located in Govindpuri. ANDC is so popular among the colleges of the University, that people HAVE to look for it when reading the dreaded cut-offs. Only because it’s alphabetically the first. (It’s something!)

However, it has always been amongst the Top 10 Science Colleges of the University and is the 20th best Science College in the country. ANDC might not be for the cool kids but it offers something even better. THE GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE! (Like every other educational institute. GO ANDC!)


The Infrastructure



Being the youngest college of the University (older than me, still called young), the campus was originally set out for a school. Hence students often confuse it with a school. WHICH IT IS NOT. IT’S ONE OF THE BEST COLLEGES IN DELHI. *wipes teardrop*
The college campus covers quite a large area when compared to lot of other colleges in DU. The campus has single story buildings, a bamboo canteen (gifted by the DU), several research labs, 5 large lawns and a big ground for sports and cultural events.




Courtesy: Dhwani Theatre Society

ARE YOU CREATIVE? ARE YOU GOOD AT LYING? ARE YOU GOOD AT HIDING YOUR EMOTIONS BECAUSE “MOM, YOU JUST DON’T GET ME”? THEN DHWANI IS THE PLACE TO BE! One of the most active societies of ANDC- Dhwani, the rhythm of action. This society has never failed to entertain students, teachers and parents alike. They make you laugh, cry, laugh-while-crying and cry-while laughing. They tingle your senses like your 8th grade crush. (I STILL MISS YOU ROHAN. COME BACK TO ME!)
Dhwani puts on professional productions in the Sri Ram Center for Performing Arts, considered the best auditorium in Asia, every year. The tickets are free!



Start your own business! Be your own boss! Don’t be a job seeker, be a job generator! Much like ANDY (Achraya Narendredev Youth), which is an On-Campus Company, run by students. The Entrepreneurship Lab in ANDC helps set up small-scale enterprises and helps them grow. MSME also funds such innovative ideas! Currently, ANDY has been manufacturing soaps and sanitizers and they are all natural. (*vegans’ sigh of relief*)


The Canteen

A small, but subsidized, canteen sits at the heart of the college. Serving out of a Bamboo Structure, it serves a good variety of food. The service is 4/5, quantity is 5/5 and the pricing is 5/5. The best part about the canteen is our aunty. She is South-Indian but tries to speak Punjabi. OYE KITHE AA KUDIYE? And if you’re lucky, she might just smuggle in some extra chowmein. JUST FOR YOU!


Uncle Chow-Chow Hut


Courtesy:Student Submission


Courtesy:Student Submission

Students living in PGs and Flats need something special in their lives. Getting a bae is difficult, but getting mouthwatering Chinese at pocket friendly prices is not. Uncle Chow-Chow Hut is the place to be for all your high MSG cravings. Get those Fried Chicken Momos and Chili Potatoes for under a hundred bucks. (Why are all these vendors Uncles? Uncle Tom, Uncle Cheese, Uncle Chow-Chow? Where the Aunties at? FEMINISTS UNITE!)

Off-Campus colleges are not the hippest. But they fulfill a niche like no other college can. ANDC has been preparing for the future and has went beyond the classroom to win the Award For Good Practices for three years in a row (1 st position in 2015), and ANDC won’t stop until it has taken over the world. WATCH OUT NORTH-CAMPUS. WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.


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