Most Popular Cheese Dishes you gonna love..!!!

CP11PF Plate of Mixed Cheeses
CP11PF Plate of Mixed Cheeses

Cheesy Cheese..!! Your food, your party, your hangout is incomplete without Cheese. These days’ teenagers want cheese in everything. They explicitly ask to add cheese into their dish. For Skinny people cheese is an easiest way to gain weight.


Think about traveling in the world of Cheese with melted cheese all around you, cheesy pizza hanging on a thread, cheese sandwich, and vegetable baked with cheese etc…Yum..!! This is the first word that will come to your mind. Isn’t it..?


Take a flash of most popular cheese dishes people love:


Oreo Cookie Cake Cheese Dishes :


Dessert is the most appealing appetizer that is delicious and yummy in whatever flavor it is. If it comprises of chocolate, then it’s awesome..!! Oreo cheese cake consists of Oreo cookies with creamy cheese adorned with melted chocolate. Cheese +chocolate = feel of heaven..!!


Margherita Pizza:


Whenever your mind strikes with a word cheese, then surely piping pizza with cheese will strike next. Margherita is a combination of mozzarella cheese and basil leaves.



Unique Salad:

unique salad

Do you know cheese is used in salads too? If you don’t, then try this summer, a salad full of watermelon, olives and cheese (feta). It is very refreshing and rejuvenating. You can toast pumpkin seeds too, if you like. To make it somewhat spicy, try to add lemon and chaat masala to it.


Savory Corn Tarts:


Snacks are the most delicious delicacies in the party. Savory Corn Tarts are the healthiest snacks, full of healthy ingredients. It’s prepared with maize flour in which stuffing of vegetable along with cheese as the main ingredient is added.  Have a gluten-free diet with this savory tart.



Potatoes with Garlic cheese:

potato_Cheese Dishes

This dish is more productive to eat for skinny people. Potatoes dig into three types of melted cheese along with garlic flavor. Bake this paste for sometime till the color gets golden tone with garlic undertones.



Cheese Pasta:

cheese pasta_Cheese Dishes

Pasta and Cheese together for cheese lovers..!! White pasta is a usual, you know this dish by. It is prepared with macaroni cheese, Brie, Emmental and cheddar. It is fried for some time and then it gets ready for serving. This mouth-watering dish is as cheesy as it looks.


Cheese Fondue



fondue_Cheese Dishes

An appetizing Swiss Dish is prepared with melted cheese, which is mixed with white wine. To make it healthier several vegetables are chopped like broccoli, etc. are mixed with this hot syrup. It is cheesy syrup ready to be served. Go Cheesy in every spoon..!!

Try this recipe Cheese Dishes — Youtube


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