Most Popular TV Channels in India


TV has become a more substantial part of our daily life. It entertains us when we are all alone and help us to pass our spare time. What type of shows you like depends on your taste. But here are some most popular TV Channels which show the shows that can entertain you:


Star Plus


It is famous across all the countries, especially Europe and Asia. This channel is famous for its dramas and daily soaps that is loved by all the women of the house. Plenty of daily soaps are available for you to pass your spare time. Some reality shows are also shown on this channel.


Zee Tv

zee tv

This channel shows taste of all types of people. Here you can find dramas, cooking shows, reality shows or gossip shows. Reality Shows like SaReGaMaPa helped this channel to establish.


Sony Entertainment


It is one of the best channels which were established in 1995. The channel presents full of entertaining programs like Boogie Woogie etc. It has various dramas and shows in store for the ladies of your family.


Zee Cinema

zee cinema

Everyone is crazy about the upcoming movies these days, but old movies were far better. You can watch your favorite movies on this channel anytime. You can entertain yourself with the reality programs on this channel. It keep you updated about the news and problems also.


Sab Tv


This is the most entertaining and popular channel which is loved by children basically. The shows on this show are full of entertainment that you can never stop laughing while watching it. In the last few years, it has reached to the top when TRP of channel is concerned.




As the name strikes an image of hot guys/girls, they never-ended arguments, fights flash through my eyes. It is a popular channel amongst our youths as something very exciting and interesting shows which has adventure and thrill in it are shown here. Examples are Roadies, Splitsvilla, India’s new top model etc.


Star Cricket


Cricket fans are craziest people in our country. People sit in front of TV one hour before the start of the match. Star Cricket is the channel that shows all the live innings of cricket and various other games. Live cricket is more fun


Aaj Tak

aaj tak

This news channel presents all the current news and latest updates from all over the country. It keeps you updated about what is going on in another part of the world.

You can watch online serials too.

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