Most Popular activities a girl does when she misses her boyfriend


Love is Life..!!! Girls needs and give more love than you have expected. Once she has fallen in love, loving and being with the partner becomes her favorite hobby. But the time his love is not with her, she is totally lost in her world of imagination. You will see her laughing when she is sitting alone, she might get sad when she sees some other couples roaming around etc.


Some of the well known activities a girl used to do when she misses her boyfriend:


 Facebook and Whatsapp are not just social media to connect with your friends instead it becomes a source of stalking. A girl who is missing her guy would definitely check his boyfriend Facebook profile and status unlimited time during a day.  The girl would keep stalking him on whatsapp too.


When you are in love and missing your guy, it becomes your habit to call him even if you don’t have anything to discuss. You will call him and ask your guy to talk to you, but call would end with just one sentence “I miss You”.



If you fall for someone, then definitely your taste for, the music will change. You suddenly start loving, romantic and slow songs. You will listen to these songs again and again and start imaging you and your guy in that song.

 girl talking

The girl will naturally flaunt about his guy wherever possible. If your guy is busy and you got time to hang out with your friend, all you ended up conversing and appreciating your boyfriend in front of your friend. A girl can’t stop talking about him.


If you are in a long distance relationship, then you can only understand the significance of smiling and crying alone by remembering the memories you guys had spent together. Your friends would surely call you a girl who is crazy in love.


The moment your guy is not with you, you start posting romantic/ sad status depending on your mood. You tend to share the trolls full of love everywhere, so that from somewhere it should reach to your boyfriend and he will call to talk to you.


If you are alone at home then you are going to see all the gifts again and read all the letters/ diaries he has gifted to you even if you have craved each and every word of it.


Crazy girls always keep their teddy bear besides her on her bed. If she is missing her guy she will hug that teddy bear tightly near by her when it is not possible for her to hug him.

Love is Life!!

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